How To Break Through A Fat Loss Plateau (& Aggressive Fat Loss Results)


For the last several months, I’ve been doing Kinobody meet ups in different cities like Toronto, New York and LA. Funny enough, the response has been absolutely amazing.

I’ve had hundreds of people ask if I would come to their city so they could meet and train with me! I definitely plan to do more meet ups… It’s a true pleasure to meet the amazing people that follow my teachings.

I should probably mention – I don’t promote these meet ups that hard because I want to keep them low-key and intimate. So if you haven’t heard about it until now – I’m sorry, haha.

Now interestingly enough, quite a few guys that showed up at the meet up were a few months deep in my Aggressive Fat Loss Program. So naturally, I had them share their experiences on camera.

Crazy Results After Just A Few Months…

A few guys at the meet up had dropped 30+ lbs in a few months like it was nothing on the Aggressive Fat Loss Program!

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

I even asked them how tough the diet was or how much hunger they experienced… Remarkably, they said it was the easiest diet they’ve ever done! Imagine that… The best results and the easiest diet. Very powerful! But then again, this is my specialty: getting people very lean in the most enjoyable way possible.

Now, I hear about results like this from people following my programs all the time. But hearing it firsthand – in person – is really sweet!

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How To Destroy A Fat Loss Plateau

In one of the cases, Jordan had dropped 35 lbs on my Aggressive Fat Loss Program, but he was hitting a stall. He was stuck and wasn’t seeing the same results.

I’ll mention first that losing 35 lbs is a pretty big deal, and something to be very proud of. Now, what happens is people usually drop fat very fast until they get to a low-moderate body fat. For men, this usually is around 12-15% body fat.

When you’re dieting to 12-15% body fat, fat loss gods are in your favor. You have plenty of disposable fat to burn off and hell, your body-regulating hormones are in your favor as well.

Then, when you dip below this 12-15% body fat range, it becomes a little trickier. You have less fat availability, leptin levels are lower and frankly, being in a big calorie deficit becomes a little tougher.

You experience more hunger, and you don’t see quite as fast results as usual…

It’s Not What You Think & Here’s Why

Here’s the deal: when your calories are dialed in properly and you’re eating at a supposed large calorie deficit, the last thing you want to do is drop calories further or add a bunch of cardio.

For example, let’s say you have an average 180 to 200-lb male. And let’s say they’re on just 2,000 calories per day for an aggressive rate of fat loss.

Well, here’s the thing – if they’re not seeing fat loss at 2,000 calories, that’s a huge problem. It means that either they’re not consistently sticking to their nutrition plan, and thus, going over in calories…

Or, it means that their body’s energy expenditure has slowed down. And, of course, water retention can be a real issue here. But in all three cases, lowering calories will only further exaggerate each and every problem.

If they’ve been overeating on their diet, well lowering calories will just make them binge more. If their energy expenditure has taken a hit, lowering calories will just mess with their metabolism further.

And finally, if water retention is the issue, well reducing calories will only increase stress hormones, exaggerating any water retention going on!

This Is The Solution To A Fat Loss Plateau

The solution is simple: eat more.

Yet, very few people will listen to this advice! Most people are terrified of eating more when fat loss plateaus. They think if they increase their calories, they will gain weight.

Well, interestingly enough, in most cases when I get people to eat more, they actually experience a “whoosh effect”. They look leaner almost overnight. Their body desperately needed a break from being in a large calorie deficit. Once you begin to meet your body’s energy demands, it stops fighting against fat loss.

This advice isn’t very common. Because, well, most people that want to get very lean are competitive bodybuilders, fitness models and actors, people who need to look sharp for a short period of time. They can stand to beat their body down into the ground.

But the thing is, I have no interest in helping you look good for a day. I want to teach you how to be lean for life, with absolute ease and enjoyment.

One of the tools to doing so is taking regular breaks to eat around maintenance calories. So if fat loss stalls, I would take 1-2 weeks to eat around 14-15 calories per pound of bodyweight each and everyday (rest days included).

What Happens When You Take A “Maintenance Break”?

When you start to eat more, you’ll increase the hormone leptin. Leptin is a hormone that regulates bodyweight, that takes a hit during long periods of dieting.

When leptin levels are low, you’ll experience more hunger and your metabolism will become slower. By taking at least 1-2 weeks to eat around maintenance, you will elevate leptin.

What’s more, you’ll also regain some quick lean mass by eating more. Your muscles will soak up calories like a sponge. And of course, you’ll get a very much needed psychological break from being in a constant state of breakdown.

Fat loss is catabolic – your body is breaking itself down. It’s a necessary part of the game, but you don’t want to always be in a state of fat loss. Your body needs a break.

When you put this together, going into a couple weeks of higher calories, you’ll shed excess water, your muscles will fill up and you’ll look much better.

Then, when you go back to low calories, you’ll lean up much faster than before!

How Exactly Should You Increase Calories?

There’s no hard rules to doing this. I simply recommend eating around maintenance for 1-2 weeks or possibly longer if you want. Your weight may go down or it may increase, but if you’re eating around maintenance, you’re not going to be gaining body fat (so don’t obsess about the scale weight).

Besides, the idea is when you go back to your lower calorie diet, you’ll reach your leanest state ever.

And the only way to do that is to stop doing what isn’t working anymore – trying to be in a compulsive calorie deficit.

Do You Want A Complete System For Fast Fat Loss?

That’s really all there is to it. I’ve been using this strategy for a couple years with great success.

If you want to get very lean, make sure to check out the Aggressive Fat Loss Program… It truly is a game changer.