Carter Good – Aggressive Fat Loss Transformation from 13% to 8%

Aggressive Fat Loss Program Transformation

Carter Good absolutely destroyed it on the Aggressive Fat Loss Program in just seven weeks! In this video/podcast we explore his entire journey to single digit body fat, including where it all began (300+ pounds).

In seven weeks, Carter achieved the following:

  • His weight went from 176.4 lbs to 164.8 bs
  • His body fat went from 13% to 8%
  • His waist went from 33.3″ to 30.8″
  • His pull ups went from 65 to 75 lbs for five reps
  • His barbell curls went from 128 to 138lbs for five reps
  • His dips went from 85 to 95 lbs for five reps

Before doing the Aggressive Fat Loss Program, Carter was grinding his wheels, unable to drop below 12 to 13% body fat and he was training in the gym five days per week. Since making the change his entire physique and life transformed.

I asked Carter how his hunger was on the Aggressive Fat Loss Program and what his favorite meals were, here’s what he had to say:


“No hunger at all. I struggled with having energy after my workouts on training days, but that was expected. Favorite big meal was 12-14 oz buffalo chicken bites (kino body recipe), bag of frozen green beans, and 500g potato wedges tossed in coconut oil and served with salt, pepper and malt vinegar.

 I ate the bigger bag of pop chips in the place of the potatoes some days. My smaller meal normally consisted of 2 to 3 whole eggs with one cup to 1.5 cups of egg whites and some kind of carb like a tortilla or cereal. Or I would say fuck it and eat more protein at lunch so I could have a whole chocolate bar at night haha” 

I asked Carter how things were going before Kinobody, here’s what he said:

I originally lost about 120 pounds before ever finding Kinobody. I use to weigh 305 pounds. I have been stuck between 175-185 for about two years. I had an unhealthy obsession with fitness and eating.

I stumbled upon RTR podcast through Mike Matthews. I fell in love with your style of IF. It honestly changed my life. I was so obsessed with food that I would avoid social interactions as well as many other things.

Carter Good

I was actually the 2013 teen transformation of the year award winner for My guide to loosing weight was horrifying though. Like I recommended eating 8 times a day and working out 6 days a week in the 10-14 rep range for 30+ sets and doing endless cardio…

Basic bullshit haha. But long story short, intermittent fasting made my relationship with food so much more healthy. I actually don’t obsess like I did before. I then bought the Greek god program and found the 3x a week was perfect for me. I no longer had the “overtraining” fog. I was actually excited to work out for once. I quickly bought the AFL program as soon as I got an advertising email from you.

Awesome! Let me know if there is anything else you want to say Carter.

“Like the biggest change that kino body did for me was less physical and more mental. Like my whole mentality towards eating and lifting is so much better.”

Closing Thoughts

I am unbelievably proud of Carter Good! You can follow him on instagram here. Interestingly enough, Carter was terrified of doing the three workouts per week and following the protocol.

But once he decided to make the change, he was blown away by the results, and his entire life improved. If you want to get great results like Carter, then be sure to check out the Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

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