Warrior Shredding Transformation with Nicholas Pardon


Warrior Shredding Transformation Story

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In this episode, I sit down with Serial Entrepreneur Nicholas Pardon, a client and warrior shredder, who went through an unbelievable physique transformation while balancing a super busy life. What’s more, before starting the warrior shredding program, Nicholas was spinning his wheels following the prototypical fitness approach of 5-6 small meals per day while living in the gym.

Since following the Warrior Shredding Program, Nicholas has started to live an amazing lifestyle around big satisfying meals, fun social outings while dropping fat and seeing serious strength gains. In fact, he’s been so ecstatic about the program, he has gotten many people in his office to start doing it with incredible success.

Over the last couple years, Nick and I had several email exchanges and even talked on a video call, and it dawned on me that I need to let people hear his story. What else, since following the program for over a year now, he has picked up some amazing tips that he’s going to share with you on the podcast.

No doubt listening to this podcast will help insurmountably on your fitness journey!

Here’s the full blown list of what you’ll discover: 

  • How Nicholas was able to build serious strength and dense muscle while dropping fat
  • How to go 2-3 weeks without working out while looking just as good
  • How to stay lean year round while getting stronger and building muscle (say no to bulking)
  • The two meals and one snack intermittent fasting strategy for effortless fat loss
  • Nicholas’s favorite main meals for staying full and dropping fat
  • Nicholas’s favorite small meals (snack) for fitting into his diet
  • How to make your nutrition and exercise routine maintainable (otherwise you’ll never succeed)
  • What to do if you over-blow your calories one day. It’s not what you think
  • Why losing fat and building muscle is the opposite to most things in life
  • How to determine if the Warrior Shredding Program is for you

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Warrior Shredding Program

The program Nicholas followed is my Warrior Shredding Program. You can learn about the course by hitting the link here – Warrior Shredding Program. This is my full blown course to training, nutrition and psychology for dropping fat, building strength and getting chiseled.

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