Intermittent Fasting Results & Transformation – 15 lbs In Six Weeks At 45 Years Old

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Ed achieved incredible intermittent fasting results in only 6 weeks! He did this with the help of fasting daily and the Warrior Shredding Program.

Getting started, back on September 3rd at 222lbs, he is now under 207lbs and on full speed to his goal weight of the 200lb mark.

And if that doesn’t get you fired up, he is making this great progress at 45 years old! On top of that, he is experiencing the best strength gains of his life and even repping 75lbs on weighted chin ups.

This is one of my favorite intermittent fasting success stories from Kinobody. It shows you that it’s never too late to start making changes in your life and start on your own health and fitness journey.

Was Ed Actually Getting Results Before Kinobody?

He was always a strong guy, but after trying a bunch of different training programs such as 5×5, German volume training, etc, he still struggled to get lean.

After not seeing the results he wanted, Ed hired a personal trainer for help thinking this was the solution to all of his problems.

He was prescribed a heavy load of training on a 4 day split, the typical 6 meals a day approach with very low calories, and the trainer even had him eat super low carbs on rest days (about 75-100g). Dieting this way left him miserable and feeling hungry between each meal.

Now yes, the weight was coming off, but so was the strength. Ed soon got burnt out and ran into a couple injuries.
After taking some time off, he began watching more of my Youtube videos and really absorbing the information.

The Five Keys To Building Muscle Like An Avenger was the video that truly sparked some interest with Kinobody.

Everything was simple and started to make sense; especially the part on utilizing progressive overload to build bigger, stronger muscles.

This led Ed to decide that it was time for a change. Upon his decision, he took the Kinobody Physique Survey even though he assumed he’d use either the Greek God or Superhero workout.

Funny enough, Ed was assigned the Warrior Physique. That’s why I stress the importance of taking the survey before starting your journey.

How Did He Get Started With Intermittent Fasting?

The first few days were a little tough getting used too, but after following the fasting routine laid out in the course, he quickly broke out of his old habits.

Now, he loves fasting so much that he gets to the point where he forgets to eat when it’s time to break his fast.

Ed typically breaks his fast with his largest meal first and finishes each day with a small snack before bed. The feeling of always being full and satisfied without cravings and never going to bed hungry is truly amazing.

How Did Ed’s Intermittent Fasting Results Affect His Life?

Intermittent Fasting Results


Ed was pleased at all the positive feedback he received when posting that message in the private Facebook group for the Warrior Shredding Program.

The best thing about this transformation was the fact that the first 15 pounds came off with very little cardio. It was all a matter of dialing in the nutrition. The initial fat loss slowed to about 1 pound per week, which is still very solid. This is exactly how the program is crafted. It is not all about losing weight as fast as possible, but rather building strength and muscle in the perfect places on your body while still dropping fat. Leaving you with a lean and chiseled physique. Many don’t believe you can build muscle and lose fat simultaneously, but it is very possible with the right training and nutrition protocol.

Family, friends, and co-workers are all starting to notice Ed’s transformation. Especially his one friend who claimed she instantly saw how lean his face was becoming.

How He Cracked The Code

Ed was able to achieve his amazing intermittent fasting results by dialing in his nutrition and hitting a calorie deficit effortlessly, while still enjoying foods he loves!

Some of his favorite foods include:
Potato wedges (he loves the Kino Chef Recipe)
Cottage Cheese
And even frozen yogurt ice cream!

How does he handle eating out at restaurants?

Ed still tracks his calories the best he can while eating out with his iPhone app.
It’s no problem for him and it is always nice to know how much he is eating to stay on track with his goals.

The Canadian Thanksgiving just passed and people were blown away with seeing how many double helpings he was eating at dinner while still staying lean and hitting his calorie goals. Fasting has truly helped crack the code.

Does he experience any hunger while fasting?

The only time he feels a bit hungry is when he first wakes up in the morning.

But after drinking some water and then moving into his black coffee (like fasting fuel), the hunger is gone and everything is running smoothly.

One strategy he really loves using is drinking sparkling water. It’s so helpful with how full it can make you feel.

A combination of the above strategies allowed ed to achieve incredible intermittent fasting weight loss results in such a short time of 6 weeks.

This Is The True Power Of The Kinobody Lifestyle

After trying everything and not seeing the desired results, Ed finally achieved amazing intermittent fasting results using the Warrior Shredding Program.

The feeling of being on the road to his goal physique is truly liberating. Knowing he has his nutrition and training perfectly dialed in, while still being able to enjoy life at an older age, shows that there really are no excuses.

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