How did you get started with Kinobody?

It was summer 2018 and I was at the Jersey Shore, I had been lifting for about 6-8 months at this point and was trying to get into the best shape I possibly could for this vacation. I grew up overweight and was always self conscious of my body, I was always jealous of kids my age who ate whatever they liked and were in great shape, I thought I had lost the genetic lottery. At the time I followed many instagram fitness influencers and was destined to change this! I even bought a workout plan 6-8 months prior to my vacation consisting of 4-5 days of hard cardio, 5-6 days of weight training, and ate as “clean” as I could. When I looked in the mirror on that first day of vacation I was super disappointed.

I thought to myself what am I doing wrong? I’m working out 5-6 days a week, I’m doing my cardio, and eating so clean that I’m missing out on time with family and friends, this lifestyle was just not meant for me…

It was on that very vacation that I came across one of your youtube ad’s and it instantly clicked within me that what I thought about fitness was all wrong and too complex, the cardio, the nutrition, the 5-6 grueling workouts a week were not meant for the natural lifter. I binge watched all your youtube videos and every single thing you preached aligned with me. The nutrition was simple and straightforward. The workout routine made perfect sense, get stronger on the key lifts and you will grow. No more grueling cardio! Instead walk 10k steps a day to effortlessly put yourself into a bigger deficit without feeling the effects and best of all I was eating amazing meals every single night and going out with friends / my girlfriend again on weekends! It turned out I could have my cake and eat it too! I quickly bought the Greek God Program which turned out to be the best decision of my life! Funny enough, I think my girlfriend enjoyed the benefits of the program even more than me, no more restrictive diet and my physique was getting better month by month lol!

Where did your motivation come from to join Kinobody?

My motivation came from having such an awful experience with the traditional instagram fitness influencer workout and diet plans. I felt like I was a slave to the gym and boring meals and STILL not getting the results I wanted. I felt like I had nothing to lose since the things I was currently doing were having me spin my wheels. Also when I binged all your youtube videos all the information you preached made much more sense and was a much easier lifestyle to implement and I could see myself living this lifestyle effortlessly for life!

What was your workout routine like? Favorite muscle group to train?

I followed the GGP 2 day alternating split and used the recomp protocol I believe for about 2 and a half years. It worked like a charm, I was getting stronger and leaner month by month and was quickly in the best shape of my life. When I looked around the gym I saw regulars that had been going just as long as me looking exactly the same as they did when they joined. I was soon being complimented by many friends and peers at the gym asking me what I was doing to get such great results and even have a couple buddies who now run the program because of me, it really boosted my confidence.

For the past year I’ve been on your latest and greatest Movie Star Body Program and have recomped my body even further as you can see I got rid of that last layer of fat and have been getting stronger and leaner ever since!

Favorite muscle group to train has to be shoulders! Definitely my best body part and really makes me stand out in a crowd! Heavy presses and Rest Pause lateral raises have done the trick!!

What is your diet like? Calories and a full day of eating?

My diet is currently 2600 - 2800 calories daily. When I was doing the Movie Star Body Program I was on 2000 calories daily. I make sure to get .8g / lb of bodyweight for protein and let the fats and carbs land where they land, always making sure I have a good balance of carbs and fats with my meals, never restricting food groups or macronutrients and always having my total calories in check!

Daily Cutting Diet (2,000 calories):

Meal 1: (10:00 - 12:00 PM) Whey protein smoothie with almond milk spinach and mixed berries [200 calories]

Meal 2: ( 2:00 - 4:00 PM) Apple and whey protein shake [200 calories]

Meal 3: (7:00 - 8:00 PM) 8 oz Costco Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon, roughly 400g idaho potatoes w/ 2 tsp coconut oil, and cup or two of broccoli [1000 calories]

Meal 4: (10:00 - 11:00 PM) ¾ cup of oats, 2 scoops kino collagen, 2 tbsp peanut butter [600 calories]

What Supplements do you use?

-Costco Whey Protein
-Kino Collagen Protein
-Kino Octane (Blue Raz)
-Black Coffee
-Fish Oil

What was the hardest aspect of the program for you?
There was nothing that was super hard but getting used to only lifting 3 days per week was definitely a change, I’ve become an active person out of pure enjoyment and sometimes have the urge to lift but have made my off days into active rest days where I’m playing sports with friends or going on a bike ride with my girlfriend just for pure enjoyment and getting out of the house whenever I have free time. It’s become an amazing balance for my lifestyle and benefitted me so much! Oh and I always make sure I get my 10k steps!

What did you love most about the program?
I love the lifting routine! It’s so fun going into each and every workout fresh and amped to go for a new PR. It’s so different from your typical bodybuilding routine in such a good way. The workouts are always quick, to the point, and intense! Tracking my lifts and pushing myself for Pr’s have surely been the game changer in my physique and taken me to new levels each year, I feel like I’m not even close to touching my true potential :)

Were there any mental shifts that you needed to go through?
100%. What everyone preaches all over the internet is working hard 24/7, no days off, full throttle. This approach is a great way to run yourself directly into the ground. The mental shift that Kinobody taught me is that more is not always better and instead of working HARDER how about work SMARTER. This goes for both nutrition and training. Instead of focusing on doing as much sets + reps + workouts / week how about you dial in and focus on getting stronger in movements that bring out the best in your physique. For nutrition, instead of restricting as much calories as you can and then binging because you can’t stick to it, how about you go into a less severe calorie deficit, set up your daily diet to something you can stick too for months at a time, and always focus on hitting your calories and protein. When you look at training and nutrition like this, thats when you actually can start moving forward and not having those dumb distractions such as fad diets, fat burners, and stupid supplements that do nothing but waste your money. This program has taught me not only to have patience but to live in the present moment. Instead of looking into the future so much, enjoy today and every moment that today brings. Since joining my physique, mental health, and drive and enjoyment for life has all improved 10x fold.

How has this program changed your life?
This program has changed my life so so much. I’ve started taking lessons from my hardwork and perseverance for my physique and implemented them into my daily life. If I consistently do the right things, show up, and bring as much effort and intensity to get just a little bit better every single day, then I will improve. This goes for the gym, school, work, and relationships. Funny because when I first got into Kinobody I didn’t try in school and was just passing classes. When I started noticing the gains I was getting from putting in the time, effort, and focusing on the right things it quickly bled into my school and social life. I started putting time and effort into school and started doing super well, I had always been a smart kid but it just took time and effort to get the grades. As for my social circle, I started surrounding myself with better friends, friends with drive and ambition. This quickly led me to having similar interests and aspirations. I truly don’t know where I’d be in my life right now without Kinobody.

What advice would you give to a friend that is going to join?
My advice would be to forget everything you thought you knew about “fitness”, read the program as many times as you can and only focus on the important things that you can control. Hit your calorie target and protein target that aligns with your goal, get your 10k steps per day, and go into the gym everyday ready to kick ass and hit some Pr’s. Lastly, watch your physique take off to levels you never thought it could before! Have a blast!

What is your goal now?
Currently on the Superhero Program Bulking and trying to take my physique and strength to that next level. Also I want to be a big part in building Kinobody into the biggest fitness company in the world and make it a household name, changing the lives of not only thousands but millions of people across the world. This company changed my life and I feel so strongly that it can change yours too!