Maximizing Your Sex Appeal: How To Pick Clothes To Go With Your Sexy Physique

  Editor’s Note:  Kinobody introduces guest author Darius from Darius is a long time follower of Kinobody, and an absolute expert in style! In fact, he has some of the best outfit ideas I have seen online. He also works with men online as a personal style consultant. Anyways, without further ado, I am pleased…

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The Kinobody Morning Ritual Routine

I believe that everyone should have a morning ritual routine. It will completely and absolutely transform your life. How you spend the first 30 minutes of your day, will in fact, shape the rest of your day. Just by doing a simple morning routine, you will be more focused throughout the day, you will be…

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Embrace Your Primary Goal for Unshakable Motivation & Enthusiasm

  This Is Where Traditional Goal Setting Goes Wrong In the realm of fitness, we often set goals that involve looking a certain way or achieving a certain level of physical prowess. Perhaps you want to be 7% body fat, have 16″ biceps or have the strength to bench press 300 lbs. Invariably, what happens,…

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The Six Pack Paradox

The Six Pack Paradox I just got off a video call with one of my coaching clients. She was a wreck, emotionally. I could see the heartbreak behind her eyes and in her voice and instantly I knew the next hour would be an interesting one. After consoling her and putting her at ease, it quickly…

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The Four Principles to Magnetic Success

  I have always been fascinated behind the mindset that successful people share. The moment I grasped that you are in complete control of your life, was indeed, a very powerful one for me. It brings me back to when I was six years old and I had just learned that you can become strong,…

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How to Dress on a Date

Hi guys, this is Nicolas. In my first post, I was addressing athletic guys’ issues when it comes to finding clothes that fit. Today, Greg invited me to write you a post about how to dress for a date or when you’re trying to meet girls. In this post, I’d like to provide you with…

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How to Dress with Style for the Kinobody Physique

Editors Note: Kinobody introduces guest author, Nicolas from Kinowear to talk about dressing with style when you’re rocking a lean and muscular physique. I’m actually very excited to share this article with you because I feel that dressing properly is very, very important. You can put a lot of work into developing a totally incredible…

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Body Language Examples

How to Boost Confidence with Alpha Body Language

Assuming powerful stances and poses greatly influences the way that people perceive you. In fact, the way you feel inside directly manifests outwards by the way your carry yourself, aka your body language. If you’re feeling shy, insecure and timid, naturally you will take up less space and everyone around you will pick up on…

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how to get laid

Using Social Momentum to Enter into the Flow State

Van Wilder maintains a heightened emotional state of effortless attraction by always being the life of the party and keeping his energy high Entering Into the Flow State In the first couple lifestyle posts I talked about taking action, misidentifying from the mind and entering a state of deep presence. This is some really powerful…

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Enter the Present Moment and Connect with your Masculine Core

Hank Moody (Californication), is a great example of a character that lives in the moment and is deeply connected to his masculine core. Great show by the way. You’re at the bar with your buddies and there are cute girls all around you. You spot one you like, you want to go up and talk…

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