Introduction to Social Dynamics, Living in the Moment and Taking Right Action

Sex, style, success, social dynamics, living in the moment and taking action are all skills that I am deeply interested in and ones I am actively levelling up! And yes, I have no shame. I am here to create the life I want and will do so unapologetically. I am fully transparent about the life…

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The Truth About Happiness and Success

What if I told you that you have been hijacked by your mind? You would probably think that I’m crazy and you would probably want a hit of the crack that I appear to be smoking. Well in truth, I am dead serious and at this moment, completely sober and this article may in fact…

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Why Get Shredded – Unlocking the Powerful Motives Behind the Pursuit of Fitness

Very rarely do we stop to ponder the powerful motives behind our actions. Instead, we focus on what we want, when we want it and how to achieve it. We never address the ‘why factor’ and thus, we don’t tap into the burning desire that will push us to success.

When you dig deep and embrace the true intentions behind your fitness pursuits, you gain a sense of clarity. You understand why you’re taking the steps that you’re taking and you become deeply anchored to your goals. This keeps you on path and centred, as opposed to wavering between different goals, workout programs and nutrition plans. You also begin to gain perspective and start to accept that the only logical reason behind getting in shape is to enhance your life in a multitude of areas. To obsess about your training and dieting is to undercut the very benefits that getting in shape provides.

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