NATHAN KUFLIK | @high_stokes_fitness

Hey my name is Nathan, and I’m a 22 year old studying Health and Wellness. I’ve been enjoying the Kino-Lifestyle for the past few years, and have made some outstanding progress in terms of strength, leanness, mobility, and overall health.

One of the “secret weapons” that helped me achieve such progress is Kino Octane. In this article, I want to share 7 unique benefits that I’ve experienced when using Octane:

1. Focus and Concentration

By boosting focus and mental clarity, Octane gives you a powerful edge. I find this focus to be especially helpful for tougher progressions, or movements that involve intense timing (ex: jump-rope).

2. Faster Recovery

Octane helps you feel less sore, and for less long. It also works great for active recovery options, such as low-intensity walking. With improved recovery, you can be sure that when you’re hitting your key lifts/movements, you’re feeling fresh.

3. Mental Clarity

Not only does Octane help your body, it also helps align your mind. Octane is super versatile and I’ve used it for tennis matches, hikes, calisthenics workouts, and even to study for college exams. I find it really helps me achieve the sought after “flow state.”

4. Blood-Flow and Pump

Octane improves circulation which gives you better and fuller muscle pumps. This increased blood flow makes the workout itself far more enjoyable and satisfying. It is pretty hard not to get pumped when you’re pumped up!

5. Energy Levels

With the perfect dosage of caffeine, octane provides a smooth uplifting energy that is hard to beat! When I’m tired and thinking about skipping the gym, I drink some octane and within 20 minutes, I’m smashing personal records!

6. No Crash

Most pre-workouts leave you jittery and ansty, until you inevitably crash. However, this is not the case with the long-lasting energy provided by Octane. Octane will enhance your workout days, without making your nights suffer.

7. Fasting

Octane is all natural, and despite its incredible range of flavors, it contains no calories. Drinking octane won’t break your fast, and makes intermittent fasting a complete pleasure. I like to mix my octane with sparkling water and a slice of lime. Tastes just like a cocktail! My current favorite flavors are blue raspberry and strawberry margarita.