The Perfect Fitness Plan for the Pandemic: Boost Focus and Gains


Let's face it,
The pandemic has pushed us indoors.

We're slouching in front of screens all day, studying or working from home, or maybe even launching a business. Unfortunately, being stuck at home can take a toll on your health.

When you're home all day you will experience:

As your physique declines, your focus declines.

And eventually you lose all productivity.


We want to end this cycle right now. The pandemic should be the PERFECT time to:

This is the greatest time to really dial in your habits and develop successful behaviours.

One of the most effective tools for doing all of this is intermittent fasting.

My programs use intermittent fasting as an eating strategy for exactly this reason...

Let's dive in and map out the perfect fitness plan for the pandemic!

Beginning with how you wake up each and every morning.

With intermittent fasting, you will spend the first 4-5 hours of your day completely fasted, which is what makes sticking to the program so damn easy.

You will wake up and not have to think about what you're eating or how to schedule it in before work or class - rather, you rise from bed and completely eliminate any and all decision fatigue.

From there...You get to work!

Focusing only on the most important tasks at hand.

During this 4-5 hour fasting window you will drink sparkling water and black coffee to help boost your energy and blunt your appetite.

I always found it best to wait at least an hour before drinking that cup of black coffee, this way it better promotes an appetite blunting effect to last you throughout the 4-5 hr fast.

And soon you start really feeling that 'limitless pill effect'.

Intermittent fasting triggers your sympathetic nervous system, which is directly responsible for your adrenal responses, shifting you into full focus mode no matter what you're working on.

In fact, when I was beginning to use intermittent fasting for the first time at 19 years old, I got laser focused on my passion for fitness and started building Kinobody.

By fasting each and every day, I managed to blow up Kinobody in a few years, scaling it from 0 to $1M/year by the time I was 24 years old.

Fasting became more than just a strategy for creating and maintaining a lean physique all year round, it also gave me the keys to unlocking the greatest sense of focus and discipline than I'd ever felt before.

Those years spent working from home, day in and day out, building my business...

They were the years where I pushed myself and worked harder than I thought possible. Most days I had a hard enough time trying not to work!

The lifestyle I stumbled on with intermittent fasting as my primary strategy for getting lean and boosting mental focus became so fun, so rewarding, and made it suddenly all so simple to get shit done!

Except... The Kinobody lifestyle wouldn't be so remarkable if it weren't for the way we eat when it's time to break the fast.

So let's unpack what to do after your 4-5 hours of intermittent fasting!

It's meal time baby!

For the first meal of the day, we are strategically eating for fueling your body without pushing your body into that rest & digest mode.

I mentioned a few days ago that my new found favorite first meal of the day is our Kino Collagen Cake recipe from our Free Collagen Cookbook.

Collagen protein is my go-to for breaking the fast; because of its incredible ability to support muscle growth, healthy skin, regulate hunger... and so much more!

A few days ago I shared my adaptation for the Kino Collagen cake that I'm eating every single day to break fast.

but in case you need a quick recap before we move on, here are some screenshots from my instagram story with all the details:

If it's a training day, I'll usually want to hit a big workout about 2 hours after eating this Collagen cake.

Putting me into an energetic sweet spot fueled for hitting big PR's!

But the real fun begins later on in the evening time when we get to eat dinner...

This is when it's time to eat the BIG FEAST.

For my big feast I'm making myself a steak and plate of potatoes - two of my favorite foods for keeping me extremely satisfied.

After the big feast, we're shifting gears into the rest & digest mode.

This is when your body's parasympathetic system comes into effect.

We're no longer optimizing for a big work flow, rather it's time to relax and take it easy.

This rest & digest mode is when I'll usually want to hang out, watch some movies or cool TV shows.

But - the perfect pandemic plan isn't quite complete without some desserts to wrap the night!

What to do with your caloric wiggle room at night...

Late at night, a few hours after the big feast, after some relaxing & taking the edge off, you'll probably feel like you got room to eat some more ;)

I'll finish off my eating for the night with a couple of buttered english muffins or a 100g chocolate almond bar.

In fact, this style of eating is one of the reasons why my programs are so notorious in the fitness space.

We are not only boosting your mental fortitude during a day of hustling, using intermittent fasting for triggering your sympathetic nervous system...

But we ALSO are enjoying insane meals every day, while making room for late night strategic snacking.

And still managing to build a body made to debut in a Hollywood film in just 3-6 months depending on what you need.

My programs make consistent results effortless and automatic.

I'm going to show you how to get into top-tier shape with only 3 hard-hitting lifting days a week, following a fine-tuned nutrition plan, using intermittent fasting - all while revving up your engine for extreme execution and stacking BIG WINS.

My programs will support you sustaining outstanding performance even while you're stuck at home studying or working.

In fact, my programs are best suited for people who care about designing a well-rounded life, and still want to pursue massive goals - inside and outside the gym.

Using simple strategies that will take your physique to the next level with or without the gym!

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Hopefully you're now feeling fkin pumped and ready to get back on track.

This is the greatest time to invest in yourself and your own results.

I cannot wait to see you on the program!

Greg O'Gallagher