Achieve an Athletic Appearance With Kinobody’s Venus Williams Workout

Venus Williams Kino Workout

Venus Williams has had an unbelievable career as professional tennis players. The veteran athlete is almost as accomplished as her sister, Serena. Along with racking up awards and championships over the years, Venus has also achieved the incredible physique of a true athlete.

Her defined, toned and proportioned physique showcases an athletic and strong appearance — and the ideal female physique that is the essence of Kinobody.

That’s why we’ve come up with a seamless workout routine that’s sure to serve up a fantastic, athletic female physique like Venus’ body in no time.

Venus Williams’ Physique

Looking at Venus’ measurements, the tennis star stands tall at about 6 feet while weighing around 165 pounds. In terms of her physique, Venus sports the perfect balance between upper and lower body development.

Her strong legs and backside give her the aesthetic hip-to-waist ratio that makes up the ideal female body shape. Not only does this form an attractive physique, but it also promotes strength and power in the lower body to make up an exceptional athletic build.

To top it off, Venus’ upper body is also extremely well-developed and toned. This creates an overall athletic appearance and a proportional female physique.

Kinobody goes into great detail on this proportion for the female body and how to achieve it in the Goddess Toning Program. It contains the exact nutrition information and training strategies to lose fat and build muscle effortlessly to achieve this type of toned and shapely body.

Key Characteristics of Venus’ Physique

As a professional tennis player, it’s no secret that Venus has an amazingly strong booty and powerful quads. Her lower body is what gives her tons of explosive power on the court, while also providing her physique with aesthetic proportion.

To go along with her sturdy and well-rounded lower body, her impressive torso follows suit. Her shoulders, arms and chest are able to provide her with tons of power on the court as she sports great upper body development.

The result? An impressive overall body, built to dominate at her sport.

With that being said, none of her muscle development would show without her impressive low body fat percentage.

Achieving low body fat and building muscle like Venus matches the goal of Kinobody’s Goddess Toning Program. The program provides tons of detailed exercises to evenly build definition in all the right places while shedding fat throughout. This creates an aesthetic female physique with a toned appearance.

The Venus Williams Workout Routine

While this isn’t the exact workout plan that Venus Williams follows, the routine is tailored to create a stunning physique like hers. This particular workout has proven results for hundreds — if not thousands — of Kinobody women warriors.

With Venus’ even muscle distribution throughout her body, this routine focuses on both upper and lower body development.

The routine has three workout days per week. The first day focuses on shoulders and leg work with compound movements like the sumo deadlift and seated dumbbell shoulder press. Your upper and lower body will get hit from multiple angles to maximize development.

The next day focuses on the chest and back to help top off the perfect upper body. This will ensure your torso looks toned and developed as you continue to lose fat while building muscle.

The final day finishes off your lower body with some booty work to shape an aesthetic backside while also adding in a couple of arm exercises for a full body workout. To cap off the routine, a core exercise is included that can be done twice a week after any training day to build strong, defined abs.

Since Venus’ schedule includes tons of tennis playing as her form of cardio, this routine includes an optional cardio workout. While cardio isn’t necessary to see results, it helps to squeeze out extra calorie burning to speed up fat loss.

All of these workouts and movements are outlined in great detail in Kinobody’s Goddess Toning Program. Along with the training methods, the program’s nutritional and lifestyle strategies are tailored to helping you attain a well-rounded aesthetic body while living your optimal lifestyle.

Training Schedule


  • Sumo Deadlifts: 3 sets x 4-6 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • Dumbbell Forward Lunges: 3 sets x 6-8 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3 sets x 6-10 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • Lateral Raises: 4 sets x 12, 10, 8, 6 reps + 1 set x 12-15 reps at a lower weight (rest 30-60 seconds between sets)


  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press: 3 sets x 6-10 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • LAT Pulldowns: 3 sets x 6-10 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • Pushups: 3 sets x 10-15 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • Cable Rows: 3 sets x 8-12 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • Bent-Over Flyes: 4 sets x 12, 10, 8, 6 reps + 1 set x 12-15 reps at a lower weight (rest 30-60 seconds between sets)


  • Goblet Box Squats: 3 sets x 6-8 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts: 3 sets x 8-12 reps (per leg)
  • Alternating Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets x 6-10 reps (rest two minutes between sets)
  • Cable Rope Triceps Pushdowns: 3 sets x 8-12 reps (rest two minutes between sets)

Core Workout (Twice a Week)

  • Lying Leg Raises: 3 sets x 10-20 reps (rest one minute between sets)
  • Hanging Knee Raises: 3 sets x 6-12 reps (rest one minute between sets)
  • Planks: 2 sets x 30-90 seconds (rest one minute between sets)
  • Hip Bridge Hold: 1 set x 60 seconds

Cardio Workout (Optional)

Treadmill Interval Pyramid:

  • 2-minute walk + 1-minute jog x 6-8 intervals, OR
  • 75-second walk + 45-second run x 10-12 intervals

Workout Notes

With the design of this routine, progressing on the workouts involved is key in order to see results.

This means that every session you should focus on improving in some aspect of each exercise. This can include adding an extra rep during each session until you reach the high end of the exercise’s rep range, then adding 5 pounds to the lift.

This method of progression ensures your body improves and develops over time. Without progression, your body will have no need to adapt and you won’t see the desired physique results.

To aid your progression during every workout — as well as improve recovery — try the Kinobody Superhero Stack. First in the stack, Kino Octane Pre-Workout is perfect for clean energy without crashing to help squeeze out extra reps. Next is Kino Gains, which contains creatine and L-carnitine to boost recovery. Lastly, Kino Aminos supports muscle development and improves training capacity. These supplements aren’t a requirement for training, but they’ll help give you a boost to speed up results.

If you’re looking for other celebrity workouts, tons of free tips and workout courses, check out the Kinobody blog. Along with feeling your best inside and outside of the gym, Kinobody can help you look your best as well with Kino Clothing as the best workout apparel for you!

Give this workout routine a swing and watch as your physique transforms into athlete status!