The Harsh Truth About Intermittent Fasting Side Effects

What are some side effects of intermittent fasting? Surely, there has to be a payoff with something that works so well, right? Are there long-term health issues? What might you feel in the short term? If you’re still on the fences about fasting for weight loss, then we’ll cover the groundwork and any aftereffects you may feel during the non-eating period.

One Major Side Effect of Fasting All Men Need to Be Aware of

There is a list of side effects we need to go through. There is, however, a MAJOR one that is so pertinent that we need to discuss it now and give it its own section. This is serious, so we need to warn you of the implications.

It’s possible that once you begin intermittent fasting that you may turn into a… A MAJOR CHICK MAGNET.

Okay, we’re half joking, but there is an element of truth to it. Don’t believe us? Just watch Greg’s video above. He recounts an encounter with a Kinobody follower during one of his outings. Greg filmed the encounter and has the follower relay his own experiences with Kinobody when something unexpected occurs. Greg gets completely bombarded by random, young, and good-looking women.

The approach begins at around the 2:28 mark when two buzzed girls get in the footage while Greg is filming. A few seconds later, a third girl enters the frame and hugs Greg as if he was an old friend. The young ladies quickly become the main focus of the video. You almost feel bad for the Kinobody follower Greg was interviewing because he kind of fades into the background. The original two girls then get cozy with Greg, putting their arms around him in a friends-with-benefits fashion.

Yes, it’s possible that the girls just wanted to be on camera. However, it’s also equally likely that they were attracted to Greg’s killer body – the byproduct of years of intermittent fasting.

Now, we can’t guarantee that women will flock to you the way they did with Greg if you achieve six-pack abs. However, you will certainly stand out and potentially catch the interest of flirty women having a good time. Many women can tell if a guy is in good shape even if his clothing is concealing his body. As you lean up, the face begins to chisel out, too, which is a dead giveaway for a guy that takes care of his body.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: Results from the Follower

Once the women eventually leave (at the 4:00 mark), Greg returns to his interview with the Kinobody follower that went on the Aggressive Fat Loss program. His results? He has only been on the program for three weeks and already lost 10 pounds of fat. He even lost three pounds in a single day. (Which may have not been purely body fat, most likely some water “weight” as well) Better yet, he was able to do it while still indulging in many of the same foods he enjoys in moderation. He was still able to eat out and have a few shots without jeopardizing his weight loss goals. Once his body adjusted, he wasn’t even all that hungry anymore during the fasting period.

We should note, however, that this Kinobody follower is a bit more on the heavy side. He indicated that he weighed 272 pounds at one point. If you have more fat, the more you’re going to lose in the initial phases of the plan. If you’re already relatively lean with just a little pinchable fat in the midsection, then don’t expect such dramatic results within such a short span.

What Are The Bad Side Effects Of Intermittent Fasting?

Okay, we just felt we had to mention the encounters during Greg’s night out. It not only shows the potential dramatic results but also how much more attractive you become to the opposite sex. Nevertheless, there may be some effects of intermittent fasting more on the unwanted side. Some of these include:

  • Hunger (obviously)
  • Trouble sleeping (due to hunger)
  • Heartburn
  • Headaches
  • Dehydration – due to lack of fluid from foods. Counteract this by drinking plenty of water, which also fights off the hunger. Sometimes, dehydration is mistaken for hunger.

Another side effect – if you can call it one – is the possibility of overeating during your first meal after a period of fasting. When you’re hungry, you may lose control and eat beyond the allotted caloric intake. You can avoid this, though, by establishing a calorie limit and not going over. In the event that you do go over, just compensate by eating a bit less in the next meal.

Also, all of the mentioned negative effects are merely your body adjusting to the prolonged period without food. As your body gets used to the sensation, the side effects will quickly subside. Many people don’t even experience them in the first place.

The best part is that once your body adapts, the process becomes second nature and something you’re capable of following through with on a long-term basis. While you may occasionally break from the fast, there is no need to cycle with fasting.

Give intermittent fasting a chance too. At least 2-3 weeks for you to adjust. Some may adjust quickly, others may not. So don’t give up on fasting after a day or two.

Why Intermittent Fasting Is So Effective

Intermittent fasting combined with flexible dieting is one of the best approaches bar none because it’s not ultra-restrictive.

When dieting is manageable, you are less likely to relapse into your old ways of unfettered eating. This prevents the whole yo-yo dieting that often results in people putting on more weight than they did before dieting.

We should note that intermittent fasting is also suitable for women. Once you lose those love handles, one of the beneficial effects just might be becoming a dude magnet! Before you know it, you’ll be writing your number down on multiple cocktail napkins.

Do You Want to Become a Chick Magnet?

We can’t guarantee that women will be instantly drawn to you. However, when you lean up, you become much easier on the eyes, and at the very least it gets some female (and some male) heads turning. If anything, this should be a confidence booster. If this is one of the side effects of intermittent fasting, then isn’t it all the more reason to follow Kinobody?