The 5 Best Carbs for Getting Ripped

best carbs for weight loss potatoes

The best carbs to eat for weight loss? You’re probably going to think I’m out of my mind if you’re new to Kinobody. Some of you will immediately think that carbs can’t get you ripped, and others might think that it’s the calories and macros that matter and that the carb sources aren’t overly important.…

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Do Low Calorie Diets Crash Your Metabolism?

I recently did a speech at a speaking engagement in Miami for a self-development conference where I got the opportunity to answer some great fitness questions. And one popular question I got was, do low calorie diets crash your metabolism? More and more do we hear these horror stories about people’s metabolisms crashing and getting…

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The Five Keys to Effortless Fat Loss

effortless fat loss

In this post, I’m going to share with you how to achieve a lean and chiseled Summer body, well, effortlessly. Now, not effortless in the literal sense of the word. Because, after all, commitment and diligence is involved in achieving an amazing body. But rather, effortless in the sense that you will feel completely, and…

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Everything You Need to Know About Low Calorie Diets

low calorie diet

  People that have been reading my writings or watching my YouTube Videos for some time now know very well that I promote this idea of not being in an absolute rush to get lean. It’s important that we learn to accept ourselves right now, enjoy the process, and make our nutrition habits rewarding and something that…

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9 Strategies on How to Do Intermittent Fasting

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to do intermittent fasting properly and strategies to make fat loss downright effortless. Now, I’ve been utilizing intermittent fasting for the last five years. That said, it’s only been the last 1-2 years that I’ve really seen amazing results. This post will outline the best possible way on…

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10 Rules to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How to stay lean over the holidays

It’s that time of year when you’re completely surrounded with delicious foods and an endless supply of holiday treats. Whether that be at family gatherings, your workplace, samples at stores, your relatives forcing their “special dish” upon you, so on and so forth… It’s not enjoyable to go about this season constantly worried about holiday…

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How To Drop Fat Without Tracking Calories Or Macros

How to drop fat without tracking calories or macros

In this post, we’re going to dive into how to drop fat without tracking calories or macros. There’s such great liberation when you can step out of the obsessive calorie tracking mindset. In reality, it becomes sort of an addiction! Which in turn, can create more stress, drain your will power, and make your journey…

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Is Intermittent Fasting For Teenagers Safe To Do?

If you’re a teenager worried about intermittent fasting side effects or if it’ll stunt your growth, you’ll want to read this article. At a younger age, it’s a great thing to be concerned about your future and long term health. And in this article, I’ll clear up any misleading information regarding intermittent fasting for teens. First…

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