How To Build Harder Muscle (And Lean Mass) Faster

leanbulkingDo you want to make impressive muscle gains without gaining fat in the process? Are you struggling to add any significant amount of mass despite busting your ass in the gym 5+ days a week? Are you taking loads of supplements with little to no results to show for it?

You’re not alone here… If you look on any of popular bodybuilding forum out there (not to drop any names), you’ll find it loaded with people just like you that struggle day in and day out with hardly any visible results. They’re dropping $100+ per month on supplements, doing crazy dropsets and supersets every day and STILL struggle to put on ANY size.

Worse yet, they don’t know how nutrition REALLY plays into building muscle, so the gains they DO make are usually fat gain with minimal muscle, blurring any kind of definition and making building an impressive physique practically out of reach.

The “Media” and all the so-called “experts” aren’t helping…

There are tons of fitness products and programs out there for building muscle and adding mass, but the problem is that most of those programs aren’t geared towards regular people. They have you WAY over-training (and eating way too little) to adequately build size.

To be blunt, if you’re not taking LOADS of supplements or using drugs, your body simply can’t handle most of the programs these “fitness models” or experts are recommending you do.

Besides, most of those programs are just designed to sell more supplements anyway.

Because there’s so much misinformation out there, at Kinobody here I’ve been working hard to find out what it REALLY takes to build muscle.

After a substantial investment of time and resources, I finally found and perfected a strategy that actually works to effectively build lean, solid muscle quickly – without gaining fat in the process or having to practically LIVE in the gym.

You may have read posts on the site here about this strategy… The lifting style is called “Reverse Pyramid Training”.

This is BY FAR the most effective training method to gaining jaw dropping strength and building more muscle than ever before! Ironically, this is about the simplest and most sensible way to go about training… but sadly, no one ever does it.

Why, you ask?

Well, simply put: most people think that if they don’t leave the gym completely blasted and sore, and if they’re not doing 6-10 separate exercises for each muscle group, that they’re not making progress.

This is pure bullshit, of course. What causes this thinking is really just a lack of knowledge on what REALLY goes into building muscle, and what’s happening “under the hood” of your body as you lift (and AFTER you lift).

First, let’s look at this…

Here’s what MOST people do in the gym (that’s killing their progress):

One of the main reasons why hard working lifters fail to consistently build strength and muscle mass is because they do most of their heavy sets in a pre fatigued state. I invite you to go to your gym on a monday afternoon and take 10 minutes to watch and see what unfolds on the bench press stations.

Invariably, you will see person after person burn themselves out with several high rep sets before they actually get to the real weight. They might hammer out 135 lbs for 12 reps and follow that up with 155 lbs for 10, 175 lbs for 8, 195 lbs for 6 and finally 205 lbs for 5.

By the time they get to their heavy set, their muscles are already fatigued. They are then lifting under suboptimal conditions and will fall short of what they’re truly capable of performing. This will drastically limit the strength and muscle building stimulus.

What to do instead

1.) Build up to your heaviest set without creating unnecessary fatigue 

With RPT you’ll be doing your heaviest set first while you’re completely fresh. This means being able to handle heavy weights with more ease and power than ever before.

Now surely you can’t jump right into your heavy set without a proper warm up, so you’re going to want to perform a couple warm up sets while minimizing fatigue. This is where I recommend the 5/3/1 protocol. Perform 5 reps with a light weight, 3 reps with a medium weight and 1 rep with a weight close to your heavy set.

Rest a couple minutes between these build up sets and a full 3 minutes before going into your work set. The good news is that you only have to do these build up sets for the first exercise of a muscle group. For your other exercises, you can just jump right into your first work set.

2.) Perform one heavy set with maximum effort for each exercise 

With reverse pyramid training you’re only performing your heaviest set once. That’s it! One heavy set is all she wrote baby. If you take that set to the absolute brink of your capabilities, you will not be able to replicate that set again for the rest of your workout.

Moreover, by only performing one maximum effort heavy set per exercise, you avoid creating excessive neural fatigue. This means that you’ll feel stronger and more refreshed than ever. Lifting heavy weights won’t turn into the grind that it was before.

3.) Follow the heavy set up with two progressively lighter sets

The beautiful thing about your maximum effort set is that it will supercharge your body. You see, lifting a heavy weight requires near maximal muscle fiber stimulation from the very first rep. This is unlike light weights, which you only recruit all of your muscle fibers on those last few really tough reps.

By performing your heavy set first, you shift your body into a temporary state of heightened muscle fiber activation. This means that all of the lighter sets you do afterwards will promote more muscle growth than if you did them beforehand.

You can see this for yourself when you go to do your ligther sets, the first few reps will feel suspiciously easy. This is because you’ll be using more muscle fibers than you’d normally use for that weight. I recommend dropping the weight by approximately 10% for your second set and an additional 10% for your third set.

Rest at-least 2-3 minutes between these sets for full recovery and maximum performance. Aim to perform 2 additional reps every time you drop the weight by 10%. So if you performed 6 reps on your heavy set, shoot for 8 reps on your second set and 10 reps on your third set.

So to recap how Reverse Pyramid Training works:

  1. Build up to your heaviest set without creating unnecessary fatigue 
  2. Perform one heavy set with maximum effort for each exercise 
  3. Follow the heavy set up with two progressively lighter sets

This is the basic framework for building hard, dense muscle and gaining mass faster than you ever have before.

Best of all, using this protocol you only need to do 1-2 exercises per muscle group to trigger muscle growth. You won’t be burning yourself out every single workout, spending hours in the gym nearly every single day.


  • Working out less and seeing more results than ever before
  • Busting through plateaus in lifts that you’ve been stuck at for weeks (or months)
  • Making more gains faster than any of your friends at the gym (and watching as they’re shocked at your rate of progress)

That’s the reality of lifting using the Reverse Pyramid Training style protocol. You COULD stick to the same lifting routine you’ve been doing, but you need to seriously look at your results and ask yourself if it’s the optimal program for you. If it’s really delivering the results that you want (and as fast as you want).

If you think your program could be better, than I’d invite you to check out my complete lifting program based around this RPT-style protocol.

It’s called the Greek God Muscle Building Program and it’s helped countless people completely alter their physiques by following a simple workout with a proven nutrition protocol to maximize muscle building without fat gain.

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


Either way, RPT is the way to go for faster muscle and mass gain, while skyrocketing your strength. After you lift this way for even a couple weeks, you’ll never go back!

If that sounds like something in line with that you’re trying to do, then click here to read more about the Greek God Program.


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