How to Lose Body Fat Quickly

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Do you have body fat you just want to get rid of? Do you look in the mirror every day and wish it would just melt off? Do you struggle day in and day out over what you eat, obsessing over every calorie?

Excess body fat makes you flat-out self-conscious. It causes your clothes to fit uncomfortably, and is a constant reminder of where you need to improve on your physique. In fact, the majority of people experience this discomfort every day.

Every meal you eat needs to be accounted for. If you don’t track everything and eat in a way that’s conducive to fat loss, then you could easily exceed your daily calorie target and end up gaining yet more weight.

So what’s the solution?

There are any number of gimmicky solutions and failed diet programs on the market. New books coming out every day pitching one new method or another, “miracle” pills and supplements, and sometimes a dozen versions of the same brand.

The weight loss market is confusing, mystifying, and for millions of people it just doesn’t work.

That’s why here at Kinobody I’ve been experimenting for years to hone in the ideal solution to lose body fat. A strategy that works fast, is easy to do, and actually works to lose body fat.

After a substantial investment of time and resources, I finally found and perfected a strategy that actually works to effectively drop excess fat.

It’s a strategy called Intermittent Fasting, and the results my clients and I have gotten following it are amazing.

It’s so effective because of a simple, but extremely effective idea: instead of eating small meals all throughout the day (which leaves you hungry and unfulfilled), why not eat fewer, larger meals to feel satiated?

No crazy restrictions, no eating 100-calorie snacks every 2 hours, and no depriving yourself of large, substantial meals… Just 3 daily meals that actually fill you up.

Here’s how it works:

  • Multiply your bodyweight by 12 to determine your calorie deficit (this is the total calorie intake you want to stay within each day you eat at a deficit)
  • Eat 2 big meals each day and one small meal
  • The “big meals” will be 40% of your daily calorie intake (80% total)
  • The “small meal” will make up the remaining 20% of your calorie intake
  • From here, you simply need to calculate the individual macros (protein, fats and carbs) to hit for each meal

This is the basic framework of intermittent fasting, without pushing it too hard. Sure, there are more aggressive ways to do it for losing fat faster (I talk about that below), but this is the “nuts & bolts”.

Here’s an example of how this would play out: If you’re 185 lbs, then your calorie target for eating at a deficit is about 2220 (185 x 12). Doing the math, each of the “bigger” meals would consist of about 900 calories, and the “small” meal would be about 440. Those numbers leave plenty of room for some sizable meals.

It’s probably easy to see why this strategy has been growing in popularity lately: it’s so downright effective at dropping body fat.


  • Eating at a calorie deficit while still feeling full and satiated
  • Staying focused and alert each morning (do this through strategically supplementing with caffeine)
  • Never going through the day struggling from one 200-calorie meal to another
  • Strategically “snacking” to squash any hunger pains, making the process even easier
  • Actually seeing visible results from your dieting efforts

There are a lot of fat loss strategies out there, but very few methods that are proven to reduce fat as rapidly (and easily) as intermittent fasting. Many programs are total BS, over-hyped by the media. They keep throwing out different versions of the same low-grade program just to hit the Bestseller list.

Even my own clients are skeptical when I tell them about how effective this strategy is for fat loss. They don’t think it can be that easy, or that “dieting” doesn’t have to mean starving yourself every day.

Heck, some of my clients complain now that they can’t finish some of their meals. On a FAT LOSS plan!

Intermittent fasting proves them wrong every time. When clients come to me for fat loss help, some have had ZERO success with anything else. But after just a few weeks following this fasting-style protocol, they see noticeable results. And that only helps feed their motivation!

Weight loss ultimate comes down to a daily numbers game between proteins, carbs and fats. You can distribute those macros across any number of meals in a given day, as long as you hit the appropriate totals in relation to your goals. Fewer meals mean larger portions, along with some strategic caffeine use and “fruit snacking,” which leads to more satiety.

Intermittent fasting works for dropping body fat while enjoying the process. You’ll experience way more satiety throughout the day than with other kinds of dieting programs, and you won’t be trying to cram in 5-6 meals (which can be tough around a full-time work schedule).

This is the ideal program if you have excess body fat you want to finally drop and you want to do it more gradually and consistently.

But what if you want a more “aggressive” approach?

Some people want yet a quicker way to drop fat, one where they don’t have to wait weeks on end to see results.

Well, I took the proven principles behind intermittent fasting and created a customized variation that enables you to drop fat FASTER. Combining a proven nutrition strategy with foods that keep you full and focused, I developed a program I call “Aggressive Fat Loss”.

If you have an event or activity coming up – or just want to get ripped in time for summer – then this is your ticket to faster fat loss.

Click here to check out Aggressive Fat Loss to read more about it and see if it’s for you.


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