Transformation: Yvette C.


Yvette C

Name: Yvette C.
Transformation Time: 14 weeks
Program: Aggressive Fat Loss


  • Weight97.6 down to 93
  • Waist – 26 down to 23.75
  • Bench Press – from 30 to 40
  • Pull-up or Chin-up Stats – from 0 to 30
  • Pistol Squat Stats – from 20 to 50
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Read about Yvette‘s journey…

What Kinobody program did you follow to achieve your transformation?

I followed Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0.

What kind of workouts were you doing before following the Aggressive Fat Loss Program? (And were you getting any results?)

1 meal/d (eat when I want) + kickboxing 3d/wk +walking + Insanity program
lost 10lbs, but no muscle definition, in almost 1 yr
6meals/d + weight lifting 6d/wk +cardio-gained some muscle and lost some fat, but still no definition

What did you like best about the Aggressive Fat Loss Program?

I only had to eat1-2 times/d (what I am used to), and calories were only about 200 more than my norm.

Cardio was optional (running, exercise bike)

What was the most significant change for you after using the Kinobody workouts?

Muscle definition-I can see my abs
Strength gains
Definite fat loss

How is your life better after following the Aggressive Fat Loss Program?

I would say yes. I am more confident; I hold my head up more than I used to.

What advice would you give someone who is about to follow the same program?

1. Do it.
2. The IF is easy, and it still works when you add 1-2 creamers to the coffee and 1-2 stevia.
3. It works for women, people over 40, and those with health issues (I am hypothyroid)
4. Don’t get frustrated or give up if you do not see results on the scale. I didn’t see results until the end of week 4.
5. Use a measuring tape and fat calipers to measure your progress, as opposed to a scale.

Any final notes?

Started at 22% body fat, and finished at 13% body fat.
I made huge strength gains, was able to have candy and ice cream.
This beats long boring cardio hands down, and gets results faster. This program is not just for guys in their 20s. I am a woman in my 40s, with hypothyroidism, and I got results without killing myself, and without shelling out $$ buying supplements.

This program is the SHIT! I was doing warrior shredding workouts, but I just got the Goddess Toning Program, so I will try that.

Thank you very much for helping me do what others told me was impossible or unhealthy and unrealistic.

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