Transformation: Joseph I.



Name: Joseph I.
Transformation Time: 4 weeks
Program: Greek God Program


  • Weight – 153  to 160
  • Waist – 30 to 30
  • Incline Bench – 135-5x up to 185-5x
  • Weighted Chin Ups (Weight x Reps) – 25-5x up to 45-5x
*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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Read about Joseph’s journey…

What Kinobody program did you follow to achieve your transformation?

I followed  Greek God Program.

What kind of workouts were you doing before following the Greek God Program? (And were you getting any results?)

Was doing various fitness plans from Even followed tim ferris bulking plan. I felt like a looney toons character when they run off a cliff and they keep running mid air. I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. I made descent progress but i was putting in 80 percent effort for 20 percent results. Now I’m putting in 20 percent effort with 80 percent results.

What did you like best about the Greek God Program?

Efficient. Effective. I like the mindset of it. I was sick of being the gym rat. Now fitness is secondary in my life. Its easy to follow and it provides a really solid foundation for any endeavour in life.

What was the most significant change for you after using the Kinobody workouts?

Strength gain. Ive always struggled with strength gain and i never made any significant progress in my 3 years of training. Now i make consistent, weekly strength gain.

How is your life better after following the Greek God Program?

I feel so much more confident and hopeful. I kind of gave up hope on fitness for a while. I figured it would be too difficult to get achieve a quality physique. I have so much more energy, and I’m significantly stronger.

What advice would you give someone who is about to follow the same program?

One tip i really want to point out is drinking your recommended daily water intake in your fasting period. For me that was about 14 glasses. This has helped me tremendously, i can’t stress how essential this is. My skin has cleared up, my mood and energy is phenomenal, and my confidence is so much better.

Any final notes?

Kinobody is the only program ill ever need. Ive tried a lot of programs from greg plitt, to tim ferris to Honestly the information in kinobody is not that unique and i think thats what you might have some trouble with, but it was worth my money to sort this out from all the bulshit thats out there. I truly feel confident with kinobody and that confidence allows me to stop searching around and actually take action.

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