5 Best Glute Exercises for a Sexy Booty


What is the sexiest defining feature of a woman, according to most guys? It’s an attractive waist-to-hip ratio with an hour-glass shape. Yes, you need to slim your waist down, but you also want to add glute exercises to your workout for building the muscles around the booty.

Many women, unfortunately, fail to adequately develop this area since they tend to gravitate towards tons of cardio and high-rep “toning” exercises. To build your rear, you need to stick to low-volume compound exercises and not endless repetitions of useless butt kicks or leg circles.

Why Work Out the Booty?

According to an infographic from Maxim, 18% of men find the booty to be the most attractive feature of a women. This puts it second only to the face. All other non-facial features, such as the breasts and legs, ranked in the single digits. This means that after the face and hair have been accounted for, most men are going to next gravitate towards a gals’ rear when evaluating the total package.

Should Men Develop Their Booty?

The glute exercises we list below are just as suitable for men as well. There are bros out there that do wish to develop their booty. A GQ article revealed that 7% of women find a man’s ass to be the sexiest body part. Yes, 7% isn’t a whole lot, but it’s definitely food for thought if you want to attract a diverse range of ladies.

Add These Glute Exercises to Your Workout

1. Squats

Squats are the absolute king of compound exercises. If specifically targeting your glutes, then do a wide-stance variation with your toes outward at a 45-degree angle. Really focus on sitting back during the negative rep. This helps work the butt much more than the quadriceps.

You should also concentrate on going low. Your range of motion is limited with a wide stance, but you should still be able to drop down to at least 90-degrees. Use the fullest range of motion possible.

Tip: to incorporate more of the glutes, keep your chest up and keep the weight on your heels. If this is hard for you to maintain your balance, then consider box squats. Use a bench or stool that allows you to drop down to at least 90-degrees.

2. Deadlifts

Deadlifts aren’t just for testosterone-fueled muscle heads. The exercise targets the hamstrings and lower back while also engaging the glutes to a high degree.

We must caution, though, to start slow due to the high probability of injury. If this is your first time deadlifting, then master the form first with a basic stiff-leg deadlift. This is done with legs shoulder-width apart and your knees just slightly bent. Other variations that hit the glutes quite well include the single-leg, staggered stance, and sumo stance deadlift.

3. Barbell Forward Lunges

When you push forward and step back in a lunge, the push-off to the starting position really works the glutes. Give this exercise a try; your glutes will feel like they’re on fire. Go heavy with a barbell, though beginners may initially go easy by holding a dumbbell in each hand.

4. Curtsy Lunge

The curtsy lunge is an obscure exercise that even most seasoned gym goers are unfamiliar with. Have you ever seen a lady do a formal curtsy bow? It’s a greeting done in front of royalty dating back to 17th-century Europe. The curtsy lunge is a reverse lunge with the moving leg moving past the direction of the stationary leg. The movement resembles a curtsy, hence the name.

Because of the awkward movement, this is actually one of the few exercises where we recommend using a lighter weight with higher reps. When you do this exercise for the first time, you’ll be surprised at the burn you feel in your butt muscles.

5. Barbell Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is another somewhat ambiguous exercise. Rest your upper back on the edge of a bench and place a barbell below your naval. Dip your hips back and thrust forward and upward using your hips and heels. This is one of the few glute exercises that target the muscle directly.

Tip: If using a barbell is uncomfortable or inconvenient, then start with a dumbbell. Better yet, do a single-leg hip thrust with a lighter weight.

Introducing Kinobooty

The exercises above comprise of a comprehensive glutes workout. There are other glutes exercises as well, such as step ups, if you wish to introduce some variation. The exercises, though, all need to be done in the right setup and style to trigger muscle growth in the booty.

If you don’t do the exercises for specifically hitting the glutes, then you end up putting on more muscles in the thighs than the butt. This creates a flattened rear that doesn’t stand out in the least.

The Kinobooty program is designed specifically for achieving the highly sought hourglass booty that is the epitome of a sexy bikini model. Under the course, you’ll learn how to do an intermittent fast for women and how to train to lean up. This is followed by the “Booty Gainz Phase” where you add lean muscle to the glutes for an amazing booty.

Why Typical Glute Exercises Don’t Work

Women magazines like Cosmopolitan or Vogue may include a section on butt toning workouts. This often includes lengthy circuit training where reps range in the high double or even triple-digit ranges. This type of workout will indeed give you a burn. While that may make you feel like you accomplished something, it does not translate to tangible results.

If you’re thinking cardio is the answer, it’s not. Cardio for women, in fact, sucks and does very little to achieve the desired proportioned body aesthetics.

For real changes in body ratio, you need to utilize low-volume weight training. We know some women are hesitant to lift heavy out of fear it will make them “buff.” Unless they’re taking synthetic male androgens, women simply do not have the testosterone to put on muscle mass at the same rate as men.

Our Final Word

Like men, every woman is different, and some may not really care for that desirable hip-to-waist ratio. This is perfectly acceptable. If you prefer an overall body development program, then check out the Goddess Toning Program.

Ultimately, what’s important is that you achieve a body shape that makes YOU happy.