The Missing Key To Building An Amazing Body For Women

women workout

I truly believe there is no better goal than taking control of your health and fitness and striving to improve your physical shape and appearance.

When you don’t have the body you want, pretty much every other area of your life takes a negative hit.

Like a toxic friend that always tries to put you down – not having a body you are truly proud of and that makes you feel beautiful and sexy, can be a slow poison drip on your happiness and wellbeing.

Of course, the current trend is to ‘embrace being unfit, unattractive and unhealthy’. The current trend strives to somehow make giving up on your goals the cool thing to do.

The premise being that these beauty standards we have for men and women today, are a social construct that are not real.

That ‘real men’ and ‘real women’ are meant to look relatively sloppy and unattractive.

I can’t possibly write this while keeping even a hint of a straight face, because anyone that exercises even an ounce of critical thinking and intelligence knows this trend for what it is – utter bullshit to make lazy people feel better about themselves.

It seems that today’s society would rather lie and protect someone’s feelings, even if that hurts them in the end, than tell the truth when it’s hard.

And I have digressed. You see, humans have evolved over thousands of years with very clear and identifiable preferences. These are called adaptive mating preferences and both men and women have very distinct mating preferences.

The Ideal Hip To Waist Ratio

These preferences are very real, deeply ingrained into our DNA and are unrelated to any social constructs of any kind. Adaptive mating preferences signal that a man or women is a great partner and would make healthy, fit and strong offspring.

Women look for indicators that show a man is strong and can protect, that he is a leader and has abundant resources or is highly ambitious and he’s willing to emote and connect with her.

In women, men are primarily looking for signs that a woman has great genetics and is very healthy, beautiful, youthful and fertile.

Interestingly enough, the strongest sign of physical attraction in women is actually the hip to waist ratio.

With the ideal ratio being a waist that is roughly 70% of the hips.

This creates the beloved hour glass shape that is highly regarded.

Look at any instagram model with millions of followers, stunning actress or swim suit model, and invariably they all pretty much have the same ratio without fail.

They have a slim waist and a great butt!

Women Glutes

This ratio is so much more than a social construct and will never go out of style. The preference for this ratio is an adaptive response to ensure the healthiest offspring so humans can pass on their DNA.

This isn’t sexist, this is life. You can either choose to play by the truth and take advantage of it. Or you can choose not to accept it and complain on the sidelines.

Crazy enough, there’s plenty of research done on this specific ratio and it’s been shown that a low waist to hip ratio is regarded as the most attractive.

This is the simple yet powerful key to looking better. Slim up the waist and build up the butt…

Do this and your attractiveness improves in leaps and bounds.

What’s more, a low waist to hip ratio also signals health and a lower risk of all-mortality.

It really doesn’t end. This ratio is so powerful. You see, a poor waist to hip ratio in women has been negatively associated with women’s health, the ability to produce offspring and even cognitive abilities.

Now We Know the Goal

So now we know what the goal is. For women, that want to look more attractive, feel better and be healthier; the goal should be to improve the ratio.

We are doing two things. Slimming up the waist and building up to booty. The reward for doing this is massive and will change your life in so many ways.

Unfortunately, most training and diet programs fail to really help women improve their ratio. Fad diets and detox plans destroy women’s precious and beautiful curves. The result is women end up looking skinny fat and far from sexy.

Silly and exhausting exercise routines and circuits fail to promote real lean muscle growth where it matters.

Exercise for women has become largely a calorie burning game with little to know structure or reason.

Those girls that do lift weights, rarely if ever follow a structured program designed to improve the ratio.

Well that is until now. I have launched the Kino Booty Program with this goal in mind. You can take advantage of it and learn how to mastery your body. Check it out here.

In the next post I’ll be breaking down training for the KinoBooty. Stay tuned.