How to Double the Benefits of a Great Physique

Kinobody welcomes Tanner Guzy, from to share with you how to improve your look dramatically with style…

He believes that there is much more to style than just clothing – it’s an entire philosophy!

I’m so excited for him to share some awesome insight with the Kinobody Community…

Tanner, take it away!


Most men want to get into shape for one or two reasons.

After all, we don’t live in a time where physical strength is as necessary as it used to be.

It’s likely you’re not expected to lift heavy things for a living. And, if you did, you wouldn’t need a program to help you get into great shape, you’d already be there.

Instead, most of us want to build a better body because of how it makes us feel and how it makes us look. We know we feel better when we’re in great shape. It’s the result of having some level of discipline in our lives and working towards a goal.

We also know we look better and more attractive when our physiques are on point. There’s a reason the whole dad-bod thing got as much ridicule as it did and only lasted for a summer. When you think of the ideal shape for a man to be in, a broad chest and shoulders with a lean waist and strong legs are typically what comes to mind.

Now, while working out and changing your body is the best way to accomplish these goals, it’s not the only one. And when you pair a great physique with killer style, both benefits above double up.

You Feel Better

Most people believe the only benefit of having great style is that it makes you look better for other people. And, while this does happen and it’s something we’ll talk about a little further down, it’s not the only way your life will improve.

One of the biggest advantages of dressing better is a concept called Enclothed Cognition. It’s a technical term that basically means when you dress a certain way, you both act and feel differently.

For example, there was a study done in which college students were divided into three groups. The first group was given a white coat and told it was a doctor’s lab coat and that they were to wear it throughout the duration of a short test. The second group was given the same coat and instructions.

However, rather than being told it was a lab coat, they were told it was a painters smock. The third group was also told it was a lab coat but were instructed to hang it over the chair in front of them, rather than wear it.

Once this was established, each person was told to write an essay explaining what the coat meant to them and was then given two nearly identical pictures and told to write down all of the differences between them as quickly as possible.

(Each group was given the same amount of time to rule out persistence as a potential factor.)

What the researchers found was that those who both wore the jacket and believed it to be a doctor’s coat scored much higher than those who thought it was a painter’s smock, and those who didn’t wear it but believed it was a lab coat scored between the two groups.

The ability to perform a specific task was enhanced when the students believed the clothing they were wearing was symbolic of things like discipline, authority, and intelligence.

There’s a reason successful militaries and sports teams have their men wear uniforms. When you look good, you perform well. And it’s not just about something being stylish or fashionable. It’s about deeper things like discipline, ambition, accomplishment, and dedication.

All of which are things you start to feel when you get in better shape. You know you’re capable of doing difficult things because you’ve done it before.

You know how great it feels when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice your shoulders filling out or your waist slimming down and part of the reason it feels so great is because you’re experiencing the results of hard work and you see a person who is capable of being better than average.

You Look Better

While this one should be fairly obvious, it’s often wasted on a lot of guys in the fitness world. They’ll rely too heavily on their physiques and think that any emphasis on their style somehow detracts from their body, rather than enhancing it.

You know the guys I’m talking about. They’re the ones wearing the T-shirts that are two sizes too small, never wear anything besides gym gear, and cringe at the idea of owning a pair of shoes they can’t deadlift in.

The problem with these guys is they have a scarcity mindset. They’ve convinced themselves that the best (and often only) thing they have going for them is the great shape they’re in and, if they can’t make that quickly, easily, and obviously apparent, then they’re missing out on opportunities.

The reality is that they end up looking one-dimensional, which actually ends up making them less attractive and less appealing.

There’s a reason the stereotype of the dumb meathead exists and you wouldn’t be on Kinobody if you were interested in spending your whole life in the gym and only eating chicken and rice.

By cultivating a great sense of style, one that subtly shows off your great build without having to blatantly call attention to it – you start to magnify and double down on all the attractive characteristics that are usually indicated by being in great shape.

Greg and I call this the “Hollywood Effect“, because it’s typically only seen on successful men like Hollywood actors.

They have great bodies paired with awesome style and it makes them look multi-dimensional, like they’re men who are doing big and important things in the world.

They appear as if they have the time and the resources to excel in multiple arenas and the benefits of great style and a killer body compound to create an appearance that’s greater than the sum of each individual aspect.

Whether you’re just starting to get into better shape or you feel like you’re already dialed in, if you’re not focusing on your style, you’re missing out on a simple and incredibly effective way to double up on the benefits of improving your physique.

Final Thoughts

Now, I know that dressing better can be just as intimidating and confusing as getting into better shape and there are just as many guys in the men’s style corner of the Internet as there are in the fitness industry.

Which is why Greg and I have teamed up to create The Kinobody Style Guide. In it, we break down all of the fundamental principles to help you start immediately seeing the benefits of an improved appearance – whether you want to dress in a laid-back, casual way like Greg, or you want something that’s a bit more formal and traditionally well-dressed.

In short, it’s the ultimate fashion guide for men to create the “Hollywood Effect” through style…