How Trent Went From Skinny to Muscular (And How You Can Too)

Kinobody welcomes guest author, Trent McCloskey (Instagram) who, despite being super skinny and always struggled to gain muscle and strength, took his physique to astonishing heights!

Currently, he is running his own site and YouTube Channel to further help skinny guys take their physiques to the next level.

Today, he really wanted to share his past struggles in hopes to give you some helpful advice for achieving your fitness goals much faster than he did…

Trent…The mic is yours!


Hi, I’m Trent. Today, I wanted to share with you, how you can also make an ectomorph transformation.

I’ve been passionate about building strength and muscle since I was barely a teenager. I’ve spent the last ten years of my life, learning the best tactics to build a body I was proud of.

Ectomorph Transformation Trent Ectogain

This led me to Kinobody, five years ago. After winning the first official Kinobody Muscle Building Challenge, I started working with Greg to help millions of people unlock their muscle-building potential.

When I did find Kinobody, that’s when things really started to click. Greg had what I wanted. So I forgot everything I thought I knew about building muscle and strength and listened to his every word.

But before, it wasn’t so nice. I struggled for years barely seeing any results and almost giving up on this whole “fitness thing.”

Your Reason Why

I got into weight lifting for a number of reasons. And we probably have a lot of the same, such as impressing girls.

Yeah, the whole “you’d be so much hotter if your arms were bigger” statement really got to me haha.

  • I was teased, and even questioned if I had an eating disorder before.
  • I wanted to be more athletic and excel at sports like the other strong and muscular guys.
  • I wanted to fill out clothes better.
  • I wanted more confidence…

Seriously, you and I both know that the list can go on and on.

Your reason ‘why’ is super important and you need to hold onto that! It’s a big driver to your success.

Adding just 10 to 15 pounds of muscle onto your body can completely change your outlook on life.

And that can be done in just a matter of months.

My Past Struggles

Starting at a nice 120 lbs at about 6 feet tall wasn’t too pretty. I turned to mainstream fitness advice and bodybuilding/gym guru knowledge.

Let me note that, my determination isn’t something to question. I’m sure yours isn’t either. It wasn’t a matter of following something long enough or putting forth effort. I just didn’t have the RIGHT knowledge.

My first roadblock was being too afraid to go to the gym.

I was afraid everyone would make fun of me. That led me to cut my neighbors grass and saving up just enough money to build myself a home gym.

Home Gym first

Man was I proud! But the reality is, I would have most likely made way better progress if I just educated myself more and went to a real gym.

Sure, you can build a badass home gym. But mine didn’t cut it.

After I made some progress, I sucked it up and went to a real gym.

For an entire two years straight. Yes, TWO years! I followed a 6-day workout split with an emphasis on high reps.

I also ate around 4700 to 5000 calories each day. No less. Sometimes more. I also didn’t have a full understanding of macros either. I just saw the calorie numbers and added them up haha.

Yes, I’m a naturally skinny guy. But 5000 calories is just overkill for me personally. (Also keep in mind, everyone is different. Some skinny guys may need 4500+ calories to gain. Find what works best for you.)

Well, a long and scary two years short, I gained a ton of fat! I saw little to no strength gains because I only did high rep bodybuilding workouts.

I gave up all my social life. I didn’t do anything that would possibly mess up my gym times or meal times. You name it, I did it.

And the result…

Ectomorph Transformation Ectogain

All my hard efforts just for that? To get fat, puffy, and stay weak?

I was devastated.

The only bright side is that I looked bigger. Which people noticed. Even the teachers in school.

I was soon persuaded to play football.

That too was a huge mess.

With my schedule getting more and more busy, on top of all the conditioning and training from football, I didn’t know how to maintain my high-calorie diet.

I lost a ton of weight. And went pretty much right back to my starting point.

iPhone Photos 150

College was right around the corning. I didn’t like football, so I quit. And I thought it was a good idea to start thinking about what I wanted to do with my life so I put fitness in the back burner for about a month.

I figured nothing was going to work for my skinny body.

And then…

That’s when I found Kinobody.

As I said, Greg had what I wanted. And his teachings started making sense! When it was time for the Kinobody muscle-building contest, I decided to go all-in once again!

I had the right knowledge this time.

Although, another problem hit me. Money was very, very tight. I was pretty much broke.

So here’s what I did.

I got a job at a restaurant! I could make money, and get discounted/sometimes free high-calorie meals.

Enabling me to lock in my diet, and follow Greg’s training approach for the contest. And as you’ve probably seen before, I made this transformation:

Ectomorph Transformation Ectogain

*Results May Vary By Individual

In just 3 short months!

How My Failures Can Help You Build A Great Body

By learning my mistakes, you can see results a lot quicker than me! And that’s exactly what I want. I want to inspire you to go get yours!

Think of it as the perfect road map to your muscular body.

All you have to do is put forth the effort.

What am I up to now?

I realized I have a true passion for helping and inspiring others.

I’ve been working closely with Greg and learning as much as I can from him.

Then I asked myself, what if I used Greg’s teachings and combined them with the challenges skinny guys go through?

And the result?

The Gain The Muscle Program

Gain The Muscle is the hardgainer’s guide to building strength & gaining muscle.

The biggest section of Gain The Muscle is structured around mastering your nutrition.

With everything from how much to eat, appetite control, and how to effortlessly eat more with diet hacks; you’ll finally be able to conquer your skinniness.

Struggling to eat more food for muscle and strength gains will be a thing of the past.

Gain The Muscle is designed to have you making the fastest strength and muscle gains as fast as possible with super-effective training protocols structured for ectomorphs.

You can do this with no more than 3 workouts a week.

That’s not all.

Inside the Gain The Muscle Program, you’ll also discover…

  • The 5 Levels of mastering your nutrition
  • How to manipulate your meager appetite with the best food choices and diet hacks
  • The 5 essential lifts for building rock-hard muscle and sculpting the ideal male body
  • Optimal training frequency to always hit the gym fresh and recharged. Leading to constant personal records.
  • How to plan your lifting protocol so you can easily build insane strength and muscle as quickly as possible
  • How to track your progress so you know exactly what to do to stay on track and continually make gains.
  • The fitness standards to strive for that set the stage for the “turning point” with your physique.

And a whole lot more!

No matter how bad you think your genetics are, you can start building muscle and strength easier and faster than you ever once believed with Gain The Muscle.

How Skinny Guys Need To Approach Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the biggest aspects of building muscle and strength for us ectomorphs.

Once you know how to control your appetite and eat the right foods. You’ll be able to effortlessly eat enough to support muscle and strength gains.

Gain The Muscle is structure around first nailing your nutrition and teaching you my best diet hacks and exactly what foods you should be eating.

How Skinny Guys Need To Approach Training

To build a powerful and muscular physique, there needs to be a period of time where the only focus is getting really strong!

That’s how your muscles truly growth.

Gain The Muscle has 3 main phases. Which take a skinny guy through that period of getting super strong and developing the muscles. And then through a period of milking out as much muscle growth as possible with their newfound strength.
Final Thoughts

You truly do have everything in your arsenal for building an incredible physique. But only if you decide to put forth the effort and use it.

Go conquering your skinniness and take control of your life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

Let me know if you have any questions!

To your new muscular physique,
Trent McCloskey

Ectomorph Transformation Ectogain