Gemini Man Kino Workout

Reveal Your Younger Self With Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’ Workout

As you age, it gets tougher and tougher to build muscle and lose fat… at least, that’s what they say. We debunk this myth with this “Gemini Man” workout!

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Joe Manganiello Deathstroke Kino Workout

Working Out After 40 With Joe Manganiello’s Workout Protocol

Joe Manganiello has been a heartthrob for decades now. How does he keep his physique so dialed in? Kinobody has the answer for you in this article!

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Jason Statham Kinobody Workout

Look Like a Badass With Jason Statham’s ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Workout

Jason Statham is a badass, no matter what role he’s in. Lucky for you, you can also look like the ripped actor. Simply use this celebrity training protocol!

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Lolo Jones Kino Workout

Look Like Aphrodite With Lolo Jones’ Olympic Workout Routine

Lolo Jones is a badass, plain and simple. But can you look like the Olympic athlete? Short answer: YES! Here’s the training protocol to do just that…

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How to Eat Big Meals and Drop Body Fat at the Same Time

Dieting is a pain in the ass sometimes. (Okay, ALL the time.) Thankfully, you don’t have to diet anymore. Eat big meals and get lean simultaneously here!

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Miesha Tate Kino Workout

Be Your Strongest, Most Confident Self With Miesha Tate’s UFC Workout

Miesha Tate was an absolute wrecking ball in her fighting career. You can look like a UFC fighter, too, with this simple training routine.

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DK Metcalf Kino Workout

Become a Beast With D.K. Metcalf’s NFL Combine Workout Routine

D.K. Metcalf’s body defies logic. While it might be tough to emulate the NFL receiver’s complete physique, you can be a superhero with the right training…

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Venus Williams Kino Workout

Achieve an Athletic Appearance With Kinobody’s Venus Williams Workout

Venus Williams is the slender sister. And while Serena may have hardware, Venus has moxie. Become an aesthetic athlete by following this training protocol!

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