Mental Strategies to Getting Lean, Muscular & Shredded

Fat Loss Affirmations

In this post I am going to provide you with mental tricks to help you on your quest to a lean, strong and powerful physique. These are tactics I use myself to keep improving on my physique.

To Transform Your Physique, You Need To Transform Your Mind 

Most people have mental blocks holding them back from achieving their goals once and for all. Just by talking with people I can get a pretty good idea if they will reach their goals or not. Most people have negative thought patterns and absolutely sabotage their success. For example people wanting to get lean repeat negative lines like

  • No matter what I do I just can’t seem to lose weight
  • Dieting is such hard work
  • I could spend all day in the gym and I would still look the same
  • My body just doesn’t like to be lean and defined
  • more blah blah blah negative crap

Is This Still True If You Want To Build Muscle?

  • I can never gain weight no matter how much I eat
  • My body just doesn’t like to have muscle
  • My body is just stuck at xxx pounds

If you want to transform your physique you need to immediately stop the negative from entering your mind. From this point forward you LIVE and BREATH success in all aspects of life. From this point forward you have unwavering faith in yourself. From this point forward you have an unbreakable will.

Positive affirmations are key to effortlessly reaching your goals. Here is what you should be repeating to yourself at-least 3x per day.

Want To Know My Extremely Powerful Affirmations?

  • I achieve anything and everything I set my mind to
  • I live and breath success
  • I have unwavering faith in myself
  • I have an unbreakable will
  • I am a lean and powerful 175 lbs at 8% body fat
  • Getting lean and shredded is so easy it’s a joke
  • My body is a fat burning machine
  • I am getting leaner and leaner every single day


Repeat your affirmations three times per day for maximum effectiveness. Try and come out with your own affirmations that resonate deeply with you. Each affirmation should take place in the present tense because your subconscious mind only knows present. If you talk to yourself in the future your subconscious will keep it there.

Good Example – I am so happy now that I am 175 lbs and shredded (present tense)

Bad Example – I will be so happy when I am 175 lbs and shredded (past tense)

Tip – Repeating your affirmations should make you feel good. Thats the best way to tell if they are reaching your subconscious.

Are You Ready For The 21 Day Challenge?

I strongly recommend you repeat these affirmations thrice daily for 21 days. After these 3 weeks you will have shifted your mind state into a positive success breeding machine. It is likely that at this point positive thoughts will just happen automatically.

If you want to make this even more powerful challenge yourself to eliminate all negative thoughts for 21 days. For this positive challenge whenever you hear yourself thinking or saying negative thoughts you must immediately rephrase it to the positive no matter how you feel!

If someone asks how you’re doing no matter what you must say you’re doing GREAT. If you’re going to the gym and you feel tired you must tell yourself you feel like a million bucks and are going to kill it. If you’re getting ready to perform a heavy set of incline presses you must tell yourself you’re the freaking man and you’re gonna kill it!

If you’re on a diet and you are still hungry after your meal you must tell yourself you feel perfectly satiated and content. POSTIVE ALL DAY LONG. Negative thoughts don’t even cross your mind.

Bonus: A Special Video Just For You!

Nailed my Bench Press Goal just the other day at 315 lbs. The only way to reach these advanced strength levels is to have an extremely powerful, positive mind that propels you  to success.


Here’s what I am telling myself as I am getting ready to lift nearly 2x my bodyweight.

  • I am a freaking machine
  • I am going to explode this weight off my chest like it’s nothing
  • I’m going to kill this set
  • Let’s GO GREG!