Christian Bale American Psycho Kino Workout

The Christian Bale Workout for Getting American Psycho Shredded

The Christian Bale workout helps you achieve a well developed, lean and muscular hollywood physique like that of Christian Bale in American Psycho. His well developed musculature combined with minimal body fat results in an astonishing look. This is by far the most impressive Christian Bale has ever looked in his acting career. The chiseled american…

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Ryan Gosling Kino Workout

The Ryan Gosling Workout for Crazy Stupid Love

BONUS: Download the free Ryan Gosling ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ workout.The Ryan Gosling workout focuses on building up muscle in key areas that really make your physique stand out. In fact, Ryan Gosling had to muscle up significantly for his role in the upcoming movie, Crazy Stupid Love. This is probably the most muscular Ryan has…

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How to Get V Line Abs

WHAT ARE THE BEST V Line Workout Exercises? These are the best exercises I know on how to get the v line muscle to develop: 1.) Side to Side Knee Ups: This is probably my favorite exercise in my v cut abs workout. I was first introduced to this exercise by Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book.…

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Best Workout for Abs

  Nothing looks better than having perfect six pack abs! Ask any girl and she’ll tell you the same thing. A super developed midsection with defined v line muscles is a true sign of dedication and that is why most people will never have true six pack abs. In order to to achieve six pack abs…

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How to Do A Flawless One Arm Pushup for 10 Reps

The One Arm Pushup is an advanced bodyweight exercise that requires a ton of strength in the chest, triceps and shoulder muscles. In addition, a great deal of core strength and stability is required to perform the one arm pushup with really good form. Why Should You Care About Doing A One Arm Pushup? The…

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