Alex Pettyfer Workout Routine

Alex Pettyfer Kino Workout

Alex Pettyfer Workout

If you want to build a lean and fit physique like Alex Pettyfer then you should incorporate exercise techniques from the Alex Pettyfer Workout. Alex Pettyfer is quickly becoming one of hollywoods most sought after actors with starring roles in Beastly and I Am Number Four. It doesn’t hurt that he has a very defined physique with chiseled abs. While being on the leaner side, Alex Pettyfer still has a physique that kinobody strongly supports and encourages. Besides, girls just go crazy for this guy with his washboard abs and british accent. We are going to take a look at the Alex Pettyfer workout to build a movie star worthy body.

Alex Pettyfer Workout Scene from Beastly


Alex Pettyfer’s Lean and Ripped Physique 

One thing I never would of guessed is that Alex Pettyfer stands  5’10 1/2″ tall. His lean and slender physique creates the illusion of him appearing much taller. In fact if I had to guess before researching his height I would of guessed 6’1″. Another benefit of being very lean is the way it transforms your face. Low body fat = angular and defined facial features = really really ridiculously good looking.

Pettyfer Physique Breakdown 

Now we are going to look at the different aspects of Pettyfer’s physique and what makes it stand out. The first things that come to mind when looking at Pettyfer is his broad shoulders and back, his narrow waist and his square pecs. The Alex Pettyfer Workout routine must address these qualities. This seems to be the basis of his physique and everything else just falls into place. Pettyfer’s has a very strong shoulder to waist ratio. A strong shoulder to waist ratio is a universal sign of attraction in men.

Exercises for Broad Shoulders and Back

1. Pull ups. 

When it comes to having broad shoulders the lats (main muscles of the upper back) dominate. Training the back is the key to developing broad shoulders and pull ups are your best option. Build up to 12 consecutive repetitions of pull ups and you will surely be satisfied with the development of your back musculature.

After that, start adding weight to your pull ups by using a high-quality weight belt.

2. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

Adding muscle onto the shoulders is important too. This is why shoulder presses should be emphasized too. Perform them seated on a bench to maximize recruitment of the shoulder muscles.

3. Dumbbell Lateral Raises

The combination of shoulder presses and pull ups do a great job hitting most the muscles of the shoulders. Shoulder presses put more emphasis on the anterior delts and pull ups hit the posterior delts quite effectively. The medial deltoids require extra specialization to maximize total development of the shoulders. Lateral raises with dumbbells out to the side do a great job at working the medial delts.

Exercises for Masculine Square Pecs 

1. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The key to developing masculine square pecs is to focus on working the upper pectorals. This is easily done by performing bench presses on a bench with 30-45 degree incline. When performing this exercise keep the shoulders retracted (pull shoulders back and in) and use a full range of motion to stimulate the chest most effectively. I have recently worked up to 110 lbs dumbbells per arm for 4 repetitions and I couldn’t be more pleased with my chest development. However if you are striving to look like Alex there is no need to aim for this level of strength. If you can hit 50% of your body weight per arm for 5 reps than you are doing excellent. So if you are 160 lbs then 80 lbs dumbbells per arm for 5 reps would be a good goal.

2. Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Incline Dumbbell Flyes are a great exercise for the chest. This exercise allows for a tremendous range of motion that really helps build the chest. I like to keep a slight bend in the elbows when doing this exercise. By doing so I hit my chest more effectively and protect my shoulders from injury.

How to achieve a narrow waist line

Pettyfer’s narrow waist line is the key to his physique. Without it he wouldn’t look nearly as good. A narrow waist creates the illusion of broader shoulders and a bigger chest. The only way you will achieve a narrow waist line is by getting down to a low body fat through dieting.  In addition having a low body fat is what makes Pettyfer’s abs look so spectacular. Only 5-10% of the way your abs look come down to training. The other 90-95% is having a low bodyfat.