Celebrity Workout Routines for Men

Below you’ll find a list of all the celebrity workouts and physiques I’ve analyzed here on Kinobody.com

Check them out and decide which physique you want to shoot for!

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Specific Physique Types:

Warrior Physique — Greek God Physique — Superhero Physique


 Zac Efron in NEIGHBORS

A shirtless man is standing in a crowd of people.

Zac Efron is rocking a solid physique in the movie Neighbors. He has a good amount of muscle development while still being in a lean condition. His physique in Neighbors most closely represents the Warrior Physique. Be sure to check out the full physique breakdown and the entire Zac Efron Workout for Neighbors.


A man in a superman suit is standing in front of an american flag.

Henry Cavill reached amazing physical condition for the movie Man of Steel. He needed to pack on muscle in the right areas, mainly the chest, shoulders, and back, in order to achieve the Superhero Physique he has in the movie. If you want to check out the full Henry Cavill Workout and Physique Breakdown, go here.



A man is holding a gun and another man is holding a gun.

Believe it or not, Chris Pratt was in pretty terrible shape before being casted in Guardians of the Galaxy! Like most celebrity workouts, his plan was intense and helped him get into great shape fast. This was possible because he focused on the right things, and as a result, he achieved the Warrior Physique. If you’re interested in building this type of physique, check out the entire Chris Pratt Workout Routine.


Christian Bale in AMERICAN PSYCHO

A shirtless man is standing in front of a window.

One of my favorite celebrity workout plans to have broken down and analyze is that of Christian Bale in American Psycho. A combination of great muscle development and low body fat gave Christian Bale a head-turning physique. His physique definitely falls into the Warrior category. The entire Christian Bale Workout is simple but extremely effective.


Alan Ritchson

A shirtless man is standing next to a shirtless man.

Alan Ritchson has built a solid, well-developed physique for his height and weight. His celebrity workout routine was fairly hard to pin down, since I couldn’t find too much information about it. However, I did my best to put together a workout routine that would allow you to build a similar physique (the Greek God Physique).



Two avengers characters standing next to each other.

Whenever I think of the Superhero Physique Class, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, is the first person that comes to my mind. There is no doubt in my mind, that he has achieved his genetic potential for building muscle, and as a result has an amazing physique that any guy would die for. If you want to build his type of physique, check out the 5 keys to building muscle like an Avenger.



A man in a suit is standing next to a car.

Daniel Craig has played James Bond three times, and achieved great physical condition for each movie, especially Skyfall. Daniel Craig rocks the classic Greek God Physique, having packed on muscle in all the right areas. Check out the full Daniel Craig Workout Routine.


Dan Bilzerian

A man with his arms crossed in front of a pool.

Dan Bilzerian is notorious for his crazy lifestyle full of models, guns, and exotic cars. He’s basically the real life Tony Stark… And to go along with his outlandish, lavish lifestyle, he also has a decent physique. His upper body muscle development definitely sticks out the most. The most important thing to note here, is that Dan is able to maintain a solid physique while still enjoying life (which is something I emphasize greatly). If you want to learn more about the Dan Bilzerian Workout, click here.


Frank Grillo in Captain America: Civil War

The avengers team is running through a city.

Frank Grillo is lean and ripped with the perfect amount of muscle mass in Captain America: Civil War. His physique best represents the Greek God Physique. A full breakdown of his physique and how to achieve it can be found in my analysis of each Avenger Physique found in Captain America: Civil War.



A shirtless man with his hands in his pockets.

It’s hard to find somebody in Hollywood with a better physique than Ryan Reynolds. His abs are extremely well developed, and his upper body is lean and muscular. Looking at Ryan Reynold’s height and weight, as well as his muscle development, it’s obvious his body is in line with the Greek God Physique.


Stephen Amell in ARROW

A shirtless man with tattoos standing in a desert.

Stephen Amell is a badass in Arrow. If you’ve watched arrow, you’d know why. He does some crazy awesome scenes and stunts in the show. Not to mention, he has built an amazing physique that rivals some of the best in Hollywood. Most celebrity workout plans are pretty intense, and Stephen Amell’s workout is not an exception. I interviewed Stephen Amell, and learned a lot about his style of training and how he built his amazing body. Check out the full interview with Stephen Amell and his workout plan.


Jamie Dornan in 50 Shades Of Grey

A shirtless man standing in a room.

Although Jamie Dornan does not have the most shredded and ripped physique out there, he still managed to build a great body for the movie 50 shades of grey. Think about it, there is a reason he was chosen to play the character of Christian Grey… he is the type of man women desire. Jamie Dornan’s workout is pretty simple, but still effective for building a great body.


Paul Rudd in Ant-Man

A man standing in a kitchen with his arms crossed.

If you want a perfect example of the Warrior Physique, Paul Rudd is your guy. His physique is lean and wiry with an overall great level of muscle development, especially in the abs. If you want this type of physique, I break down the key things you need to focus on in the Avenger’s Workout article.


Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love

A pixelated image of a shirtless man.

Ryan Gosling put on a considerable amount of muscle for his role in Crazy Stupid Love. He used to be extremely skinny, lacking any muscle development whatsoever. However, by putting muscle on in the right areas in the right proportions, he was able to reach Greek God status. Be sure to check out the entire Ryan Gosling workout routine.

My flagship program, Movie Star Masterclass, is the most effective fitness program to slice off fat, gain perfect muscle proportion and look like an absolute Movie Star.