Stephen Amell Workout for Arrow

Stephen Amell Kino Workout

To access the Stephen Amell Workout for Arrow in a course format, Click Here.

Stephen Amell of Arrow Interview

I am thrilled to announce that I was able to get an exclusive interview with Stephen Amell, star of the hit show Arrow!

I have been watching the awesome show Arrow, for a couple years now, and I was blown away by Stephen’s incredible physique and fitness capabilities.

In this podcast I sit down and talk with Stephen Amell and we discuss how Amell got into such incredible shape for the show!

People assume that it must be so easy for actors to stay in great shape, but when you have just six weeks to prepare for a season and then you’re filming 12-14 hours per day, balancing a family life, it’s a different story.

Interestingly enough, those crazy workouts scenes in the show, well not only are they completely real, but the director actually worked them into the script after seeing video clips of Stephen Amell training at a ‘free running’ gym.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Amell’s workout regime before Arrow (2:00)
  • How Amell trained for the workout stunts in Arrow (3:20)
  • Amell on the Salmon ladder – the coolest workout stunt on Arrow (6:00)
  • The Binge & Purge training style that Amell used for Arrow (8 minutes) 
  • Why staying in top physical condition is so hard while filming a tv show (9:20)
  • The value of bodyweight exercises to stay in shape during busy periods 
  • Balancing a family life with working out and filming Arrow (11:00)
  • The mental benefits of giving it a 110% (15:00) 
  • What happens to Amell when he stops working out and eating healthy (17:15)
  • The hardest exercises and stunts Amell has performed in his acting career (19:20)
  • What is entailed in filming Arrow day to day (23:45)
  • Amell’s favorite reward meals (24:50)
  • Amell’s main take away for maintaining a great body and living a great life (26:40)
  • What we can expect from Stephen Amell in the future (27:50)

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To access the Stephen Amell Workout for Arrow in a course format, Click Here.