The Avengers Workout to Look Like an Avenger from Captain America Civil War

Chris Evans Civil War Kino Workout


In this post, I wanted to share with you the Avengers Workout variations and how you can use them to build a body like your favorite Avenger from Captain America Civil War.

This movie actually has a cast that resembles all of the Kinobody Physique Classes! After analyzing a particular character, all you need is their specific avengers workout plan and diet setup in order to point you in the right direction.

How to Achieve the Body of an Avenger

Actors for movie roles usually go through extensive training for upcoming films. Many times enduring hours of training each day, eating ridiculously obsessive diets and supplementing with illegal substances. The reason for this extremism isn’t necessarily routed in effectiveness, but rather in staying with the status quo. Well make no mistake, this is not the Kinobody way, not in the least.

In fact over the last five years, I’ve cracked the code to building the Hollywood physique in the most efficient and practical way known to man. I’ve helped tens of thousands of men and women do it too & even garnered myself a few personal coaching clients that hit the big screen. Now without further ado, lets get down to brass tax.

Achieving your desired physique ultimately comes down to leanness, strength, and building muscle in the proper proportions. And once you have the proportions to strive for, you’ll have an idea of how you should be eating and training to bring yourself closer to them.

1) You Need To Maintain a Taut Waist

Having a slim waist is what makes the difference between looking good and looking awesome! It’s the foundation for creating the look you want.

Even just one inch off the waist can completely change the way you look. For men, you should aim for your waist measurement to be about 0.445 x your height in inches.

Note, if you have more than 4 inches to lose off your waist, to reach your ideal, I recommend starting the Aggressive Fat Loss Program as soon as possible.

2) You Need To Build Round Shoulders

Think of your shoulders as the icing on the cake. When you have big lats and a great chest then round shoulders are the last piece of the puzzle. That is why all the Avengers workout variations put an emphasis on building up the shoulder muscles. Think about it, what superhero doesn’t have great shoulder development? To develop round shoulders you need to do two things…

Heavy Shoulder Pressing: Heavy shoulder presses will help add overall size to your shoulders. This includes all variations; seated/standing dumbbell and barbell presses and even handstand push ups.

High Volume Lateral Raises & Rear Delt Flyes: Lateral raises do the best job at hitting the lateral head of the shoulder. This part of the shoulder doesn’t get fully worked from shoulder pressing so it’s imperative that you add some isolation movements in your training to develop it. This muscle responds best to very high volume and very short rest periods. My favorite method is rest pause training.

3) You Need To Have a Wide Back

Building up your lats will widen your torso, creating a more dominant V taper. Developing broad shoulders really comes down to lat development as well. This makes a more profound effect than just trying to add muscle to your shoulders.

The fastest way to build up your lats is from heavy weighted chin ups and pull ups. All hand positions are effective (neutral, hands away and hands facing you).

Make sure you use an awesome weight belt so you can fully focus on the lift.

4) You Need a Big Upper Chest

A big upper chest creates a masculine and dominant look. Adding muscle to the top part of the chest is going to make the most visual difference. Unfortunately, great upper chest development is a rare thing to find today.

This is for two reasons: firstly, most people are obsessed with the flat bench because they can lift more weight. To really develop great upper pecs, you need to do most of your benching on an incline.

Secondly, most people aren’t lean enough and hold some fat in the lower chest, causing their upper chest to appear smaller. In order to build a jaw dropping chest, you will need to stay lean and perform more incline bench than flat.

5) You Need Sleek and Powerful Legs

We are after well developed, proportionate and sleek looking legs. Legs that complement our upper bodies, without overpowering them. Legs that are athletic and agile, not bulky and cumbersome.

If we build up our legs too much (this is actually quite easy to do), they will look shorter and stumpier.

The key to building sleek and powerful legs is to focus on maximum explosive power with a submaximal weight. This will allow you to get stronger and more explosive without triggering much muscle growth.

How Should Your Diet Be Setup?

This is mainly going to be dictated by which celebrity you want to look like. And where you are starting at on your fitness journey.

Now remember, we also have to keep your ideal proportions in mind. And in terms of diet, your waist measurement is important. To maintain a taut waist, you need to avoid fat gain as you add muscle. My recommendation is to aim for 0.5 lbs of muscle per week. This is really the limit to how much muscle natural lifters can gain.

If you need to lean down to achieve your favorite avenger look, you’ll quickly notice more muscle separation and proportion coming in as you strip away excess body fat. Granted, you include strength training in your regime. For fat loss, I recommend losing up to 1.5-2 lbs per week. Trying to go faster than this will cause you to run into problems.

My Aggressive Fat Loss course pushes for this 2 lbs per week because it’s the most fat you can lose each week while still enjoying your diet while supporting strength training. The best thing is that when people start Aggressive fat loss, they typically lose 8-12 lbs of pure body fat in their first month!

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Which Avenger Workout Variation is right for you?

There’s a foundation to building a body like an avenger…

You must build muscle with the proper proportions by heavy strength training. And your diet will be dictated by the look you’re after. Modeling your training specifically to someone just takes a couple tweaks. For example, it could be Captain America’s arms or even Tombstone’s chest.

Let’s go into some great examples of the physique classes and how to know which avenger workout you should be doing based on the level of development you desire or key exercises you should be focusing on.

Avenger Physique Analysis

Chris Evans (Captain America) Avengers Workout

The captain america avenger workout helps to build a superhero physique


Status: Superhero

Strong Muscle Groups: Chest and biceps

For the Captain America physique and body, his avenger workout routine would focus heavily on building the chest and biceps. During a particular Superhero-style bulking routine, I recommend prioritizing two muscle groups that you really want to build quickly. While also eating a small surplus of calories each day (200-300).

People make the mistake of trying to get huge fast everywhere, at the same time. As a result, they see little to no progress. The idea is to make slow and steady progress on your entire physique, while making dramatic results on two muscle groups.

Frank Grillo/Crossbones Avengers Workout

The crossbones avenger workout is great to build a strong, muscular physique


Status: Greek God

Strong Muscle Groups: Well Balanced Physique

In Crossbones case, he represents the Greek God Physique perfectly. To achieve this type of physique, you’ll want to bring your body to around 8-10% body fat. His Avengers workout would focus on getting very strong on overhead presses, incline presses, and weighted chins. Those 3 exercises alone will help build a balanced physique.

You’ll also need to incorporate some strategic pump training (Mega Training) to make your muscles really stand out.

For example, after hitting your key exercise on a muscle group reverse pyramid style, you will add in some standard pyramid training (12, 10, 8, 6 reps) to give that muscle more volume.

Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) Avengers Workout

The avenger workout to build a physique like ant man


Status: Warrior

Strong Muscle Groups: Well Balanced Physique (abs)

In Ant-man’s case, the avenger workout routine would be geared toward an overall nice level of muscle development and being lean. This is also known as the Warrior Physique.

Although, the first thing that does stand out is his ab development. I would recommend you include 2 to 3 ab sessions per week while progressing on hanging leg raises, dip bar raises, and ab wheel roll outs. The proportions are still important with this physique, however, the Warrior Physique doesn’t require quite as muscle size as the Greek God or Superhero Physique.

The goal to achieve this physique would be to focus on strength and density, with your key lifts, while dialing in you nutrition to reach 6-8% body fat. This will give you that lean, wiry, and toned look.

Scarlett Johansson Avengers Workout

The Scarlett Johansson avengers workout helped her build an amazing body


Status: Goddess

Strong Muscle Groups: Glutes + Well Balanced Physique & Feminine

The way you reach the Goddess Physique is by slimming down to a low body fat while developing great-looking shape and muscle tone through strength training.

Woman do need strength training to maintain their muscle. This is what gives you the shape you’re after. If you try to diet down too aggressively and lose muscle in the process, this is why you don’t look as good as you want to. The goal here is to build just enough muscle to look great while still appearing feminine. The Goddess Program focuses on a lot of glute dominant exercises that help build up the butt while keeping the thighs slim and toned. In other words, build a toned upper body, lightly defined abs, slim and fit looking legs and a great butt.

Conclusion on The Avengers Workout Routines

There you have it! Reaching the look of your favorite Avenger Character merely comes down to first, identifying where you are starting from, what your favorite actor/actress physique class is, (which will then dictate which variation of the different Avengers Workouts you should be following) and finally, dialing in your nutrition for fat loss or lean muscle building.

And most importantly, make sure you are enjoying your journey to your avenger physique. If you can’t live and enjoy the pleasures of life, then what’s the point of looking like a superhero?

Now, all of this may be a lot to take in. If you need my help personally to set you in the right direction, make sure you utilize the Physique Builder Tool. This will help you get started on the path to your ideal physique.

Your Kino Question For The Day: Which Avengers physique do you want the most? Are you planning on seeing the movie? Let me know in the comments below.