How To Do Fasted Training For Morning Workouts

In this post, I want to address how to do fasted training properly if you workout in the morning. Can you do intermittent fasting workouts in the morning?

The worry that most people have is that they will impede their progress if they don’t consume a post workout meal after a intermittent fasting workout…

Ultimately, what is of utmost importance is your total calories and macros over the course of the day. As well, structuring your diet in a way that makes it as enjoyable as possible.

Very few people consistently hit their calories and macros on a diet…. Don’t believe me? It’s the truth! Otherwise, everyone that wanted to be shredded, would be shredded.

But very few people ever reach their body fat goals! The reason, getting to a very low body fat is really, really freaking hard, even though my Warrior Shredding Program makes it as easy as it can be.

But when you can find the most enjoyable way to hit your calories, achieving your body fat goals becomes effortless. One of these strategies involves saving your calories for later in the day and doing fasted training.

So if you are doing fasted weight training in the morning, I still recommend pushing your first meal until lunch time or the afternoon!

Intermittent Fasting And Schedule For Working Out In The Morning

Wake up: 7am – take Kino OCTANE pre-workout to give me a boost.

Workout: 7:30-8:30

Apple: 12pm

First meal: 2pm

Obviously, you can adapt this fasted training schedule to your lifestyle and the time you wake up. If you wake up at 11am, don’t break your fast with a meal or fruit, until at-least 3pm.

Here’s another important point to make! Research is clear, that setting more calories and carbs for the evening leads to improved fat loss and muscle retention on the diet.

I am a firm believer in saving more calories and food in the evening, regardless of when you train! Now, if you want to be very cautious, you can do fasted training BCAA supplementation. You would take two doses of 10g of branch chain amino acids around training. I’ve used this strategy very effectively.

For example, one dose about 10 minutes before fasted training. And a second dose 1-2 hours after your workout. This will elevate protein synthesis.

That said, if you’re hitting your calories/macros each day and building strength in the gym, you likely already have everything you possibly need on the protein side.

Stressing over post workout nutrition, meal timing and BCAA’s is missing the absolute point! It’s about making your nutrition extremely enjoyable and making progress in the gym. If you need a kick in the butt before your workout, OCTANE is best bet. If you’re worried about breaking down too much protein and muscle, then BCAAs can help… But don’t stress about the small stuff.

Focus on the big picture: macros, consistency, and effort. Those are the drivers of an amazing physique!

Making Your Diet Enjoyable Is The Most Important Thing

Another important note outside of doing fasted strength training is that you should be structuring your nutrition in a way that is enjoyable. If you stick to your calories/macros, you will achieve your physique goals.

Anything that makes that harder or more complicated, is seriously hurting your success. If you’re scared to ditch pre and post workout nutrition, I get it.

But your fear is not rational. Jump in head first. Track your lifts, hit your nutrition, and watch your physique transform. If you’re making weekly progress with your intermittent fasting workout routine and enjoying the journey, then you’re absolutely freaking killing it.

I’ve built my physique off training 2-3 days per week, intermittent fasting, fasted weight training, lots of chocolate, and most of my protein in one meal a day.

How is it possible that I have achieved such incredible results, while doing things so differently? You guessed it – I focus on what actually matters.

Progressing in the gym, even if that means just two workouts per week. And finding the most enjoyable way to hit my calories. Besides, getting in a huge chunk of calories in the evening, is exactly what our body wants. It goes with our natural biorhythm. Big meals trigger the parasympathetic nervous system.

In other words, after eating a big meal, we feel relaxed, tired and sleepy…. Do you really want to be tired and sleepy during the day?

Probably not! If that’s not concrete reason to eat more at night and less during the day, I don’t know what is ;)

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