How to Easily Stick to a Diet – The Answer is Simple

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How To Stick To a Diet

In the last post I talked about how achieving a lean and muscular physique is relatively easy if you can master eating well. You see its important to look at exercise as a way to build and strengthen your muscles and diet as a way to lose fat. Solely using exercise to lose weight is highly inefficient and very ineffective. Just ask yourself if a piece of cake is really worth 1 hour of your time mindlessly running in the hamster wheel (treadmill / elliptical) at the gym? Ofcourse not.

Your much better off skipping the cake, cookies, chips, fries……..

But believe me I know….. Were only human….. Sometimes its hard to say no and you end up playing these little games in your head rationalizing why its alright to indulge. If your anything like me then once you allow yourself a few cookies you end up going on an eating rampage that spirals out of control. So how can we avoid this?

The answer is SIMPLE!

Keep a Food Diary! DUH!

Greg O'Gallagher

Me with my food diary!


The simple act of writing down what you eat helps keep you accountable so you stick to your diet. In fact no other method works as well for me as writing down everything I eat. I am willing to bet that if you got a food diary and wrote everything down that you eat you would automatically reduce your caloric intake by 500+ calories per day. Thats enough of a deficit to lose 1 pound of fat per week. And thats without even altering your eating habits that much.

A food diary helps eliminate:

  • Eating just for the sake of it because your bored
  • Eating foods that are crap
  • Over-eating at meals
  • Straying off your diet
  • Late night foods

The food diary is the #1 tool to sticking to your diet and achieving your goals. The best part is that after using a food diary for 3 weeks not only will you have become a lot leaner but you will have also kicked many of your bad eating habits to the curb. As a result you won’t even need to track your food anymore.

How to use a food diary

Step 1 – Purchase a nice diary/book that you will treasure

Step 2 – Write down the date, your goals and stats on the first page.

Step 3 – On the next page write down your eating schedule. As well as any foods to avoid

Step 4- On the next page write down affirmations that you can recite everyday to give you motivation

ex: Weight-loss is easy and effortless, body fat falls off me fast, I am healthy and full of energy, I am getting leaner and leaner everyday, people all around me are noticing the incredible changes that I am making…….

Step 5 – Everyday write down the date in the journal and every-time you eat write down the time, what you ate and how much.

Step 6 – Every week record your weight and waist measurements to track progress.


Sounds easy enough? Well great now go do it.

Final Note:

If your looking for a complete diet system on dropping fat easily and effortlessly as well as becoming super healthy and vibrant then I recommend the Super Diet by Caleb Lee. I have invested in dozens of the top dieting and nutrition books and the Super Diet is by far the most effective. In fact Caleb Lee (the author) has a free video up right now about the 5 Forbidden Commandments that Force Your Body to Lose Stomach Fat.