Is Flexible Dieting & the Kinobody Lifestyle Healthy?

Is Flexible Dieting Healthy?

I want to address something important today: Is the “Kinobody lifestyle” healthy?

Many people have seen my full day of eating videos on Youtube and they love it.

They watch me enjoy complete and absolute dietary freedom: triple meat chipotle, massive meals, lots of chocolate and pop chips and sometimes ice cream – all while supporting a great physique.

And let’s not forget my penchant for moderate alcohol consumption!

But every now and again, I’ll have someone message me and admit that my approach works very well for building a great physique and dropping fat, but can it really be healthy in the long term?

Well this is exactly what I address in this video and dammit, it’s a powerful one, so give it a watch. Since adopting the Kinobody lifestyle, I have never felt better.

Some main take aways from the video

  1. Coffee is incredible healthy and reduces the risk of mortality
  2. Intermittent fasting has life extension properties and reduces the risk of numerous disease
  3. Stressing out about your diet and feeling miserable has a negative effect on health
  4. Maintaining a low body fat and eating at a lower calorie intake has massive health benefits and slows down aging
  5. Eating chocolate or dessert, within the content of a balanced nutrition plan is not unhealthy
  6. Teaching people to be present and enjoy the journey and dissolve stress and anxiety is very healthy

Make not mistake, nutrition is only one piece of the pie! There are many other factors that affect your overall health. Some of these include

  1. The chemicals we put on our body can be more harmful than what you put in your mouth. One thing I’m very passionate about is using all natural deodorant, shampoo, body wash, tooth paste, laundry detergent with no artificial fragrance.
  2. Research shows that moderate alcohol drinkers live longer than non drinkers. That’s not to say you must drink nor should you. But enjoying an amazing lifestyle that supports your well being is extremely important to health. Not having fun is bad for your health. Happy people, typically, live longer.
  3. In Practicing the Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle talks about how most humans are conditioned to suppress painful emotions. To run away from them and lodge them down. Strong emotions have a strong charge. If they are not properly dealt with, accepted and let go of, they will live inside you in the form of the pain-body. Eventually, they may manifest as some physical symptom, ailment or disease. The eastern medical industry is far more holistic and one of the general beliefs is that most illnesses and symptoms have an emotional element. I don’t disagree.

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