The Best Macro Ratios For A Lean & Muscular Physique


In this post, I want to talk about the best macronutrient ratios to promote a high functioning, lean and muscular physique. Now interestingly enough, in the fitness industry, the common theme is to single out and demonize fats or carbs.

Yet, this completely overlooks the importance of both of these macronutrients in supporting health, training, dietary adherence and hormonal functioning. Not only is cutting out either fats or carbs, unenjoyable and unsatisfying. It also has negative consequences.

In fact, the research is clear that both fats and carbs play an insurmountable role in hormonal functioning. Go low in fats, testosterone drops. Go low in carbs, testosterone drops.

The Best Nutrition Protocol

The best protocol is to include a solid balance of fats and carbs, while hitting your bodies protein needs. Now interestingly enough, our protein needs are not as high as most people would have you believe.

Most of the research points to 0.82g of protein per pound of bodyweight (1.8-2g per kg of bw), as being the absolute maximum needed to support muscle growth and muscle retention on a diet.

When I stopped going high in protein, when I stopped trying to cut out carbs… Finally I seemed to lean down, so much easier. Sticking to the diet was way more enjoyable… And my testosterone levels shot through the roof.

Many people believe it’s unrealistic to maintain high testosterone levels at a low body fat. Well interestingly enough, I maintain around 6-7% body fat, and my testosterone levels are quite high.

Balanced Meals for a Great Physique

Book-CoverIn Kino Chef, I deliberately emphasized meals and recipes that had a solid balance of fats and carbs while providing sufficient protein.

This is the strategy that has allowed me to hit a very solid condition with ease, and while maintaining absolute satisfaction and a healthy sex drive to boot.

In the past, low fat or low carb diet plans absolutely made me miserable, in more ways than one! I’m super proud of the recipes in Kino Chef and how it all came together.

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