Why Reverse Dieting is Unnecessary & What to Do Instead


In this video/podcast, I talk about why reverse dieting is not necessary and the best approach to take once you reach your goal level of leanness.

For those that aren’t aware, reverse dieting is a slow and calculated approach to gradually increasing your calories back up to maintenance, over several weeks once you finish dieting.

Let’s say you diet on 1800 calories per day and your maintenance needs are 2400. With reverse dieting, you might go up to 2000 calories after your cut and every week, increase your calories by 100, until you reach maintenance.

The logic behind reverse dieting is to avoid fat gain after a cut. Unfortunately, this makes little to no sense based on the Law of Thermodynamics.

You Can’t Gain Fat in a Calorie Deficit 

The fact of the matter is that you can’t gain fat in a deficit!

If being in a 500 calorie deficit translates into 1 pound of fat loss per week, then why would eating at maintenance, all of the sudden cause fat gain?

It goes against all logic and science. That said, the reason why so many people gain fat after a cut is because they get too relaxed on their diet.

Maintenance calories tuns into a surplus. And all of the sudden they eat themselves back up to their starting point. For this reason, you want to maintain discipline, even when eating at maintenance!

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why most people gain fat after a cut
  • Why you need to maintain diet structure and discipline after you get to your goal
  • The truth about why you can’t gain fat eating at maintenance
  • Why I love intermittent fasting, even when I’m not trying to drop fat 
  • The adaptation component of dieting and why your maintenance can become impaired
  • Why you need to find your ‘new maintenance’ to stay lean, after you finish your cut 
  • Why you should give yourself a 3-5 pound runway after finishing your cut

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