An Amazing Kinobody Transformation – UK Bartender Gets Jacked!

Kinobody Transformation

Checkout those 4 month before and after pictures that were sent to me from kinobody reader and enthusiast Ryan. Can you say WOW! That is one incredible transformation that Ryan underwent. I couldn’t be more proud. His shoulders, chest and arms are now well built and muscular. He has a ripped line down the middle of the chest and his abs are deep, dense and defined. To top it all off he even has the v cut abs that well you know – the girls just go crazy for.

I was lucky enough to get Ryan to do a quick interview for me on how he achieved such great success. Here it is – ENJOY

Question 1:

Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do and why did you decide to improve your physique?

I’m Ryan, a cocktail bartender from the UK and am currently 19. I looked to improve my physique after gaining a fair bit of weight after stopping sports, being in college and generally having extremely bad eating (and drinking) habits. There’s only so much beer you can drink until it starts taking effect on your appearance! So I sought out a new diet plan, along with a workout and cardio program..and made sure I hit it hard. No messing about, I made sure I kept a strict diet, followed the workout to a tee, and threw in cardio 3-4 times a week.

Question 2:

What workout program and diet did you follow? What sort of things really worked well for you? 

I followed the Alan Ritchson workout program Greg posted on his website. The low rep ranges for the major body parts give most guys the physique there looking. The structure of the workouts meant seeing strength gains as I progressed, and gave me the motivation to continue. On the cardio side, I would complete 20 mins of HIIT, so just a 5 minute warm up, 10 mins of intervals and then a 5 min cool down. A really important factor was completing my workouts without eating anything 2-3hours prior or one after either, enhancing the fat burning effects. And diet, all it consisted of was chicken, turkey, lean mince beef, brown rice, wholegrain pasta and all salad and veg.I allowed one cheat day a week, and still drank on weekends.

Question 3:

What challenges did you face during your road to building a lean, strong and muscular physique? 

The challenges I faced were changing my eating habits so drastically. But I urge you, commit to doing it for at least 8 weeks, and once you start seeing the changes, and the compliments come flying in, you’ll become so much more motivated. Most people say they will go on a diet, only stick to it loosely, and bust out a load of cardio and not see any changes..or vice versa. You need to stick to both for a set period of time, that’s the only way you will see results. All i can say is, its worth it!! and that this wouldn’t have happened without all the info and tips from kinobody fitness systems!

4. What supplements were you using if any?

For the initial 2 months no supplements were used, just a solid diet consisting high in protein and low in carbs. The following two months I then introduced protein shakes, helping me maintain muscle but drop fat through a larger calorie deficit.

5. What three pieces of advice would you give to someone starting out who wants to transform their physique? 

First. Mentally prepare yourself for the journey. Imagine yourself lean, fit healthy, and strong, and continually have that image in your head of your goal. Second. Train hard or go home. Go into your workouts with the full intention of pushing your boundaries. In the words of Greg, tell yourself “I am a freaking machine, I am going to explode this weight off my chest like it’s nothing, I’m going to kill this set!” that sort of mentality will get you what you desire. Third. Keep a record of your progress. Take a photo every two weeks or so as I did. This is great motivation. Looking back where you started to where you’ve come makes you want to keep working and keep pushing.

6. Finally what are your current stats after your Transformation 

Height – 6’1
Weight – 168 lb.
Waist – 31″
Chest – 41″
Arms – 17.2″

Before i started..

Weight – 196 lb.
Waist – 36″

My Comments:

Right off the bat I can see that Ryan had the perfect mindset for transforming his physique! Ryan used to be an athlete who stopped exercising and started drinking too much and eating poorly. Once he had enough of looking and feeling average he decided to do something about it. He did his research, found, picked a workout and diet routine that suited him and went to work!

Ryan didn’t hop around different routines, question what he was doing or waste his time on workout forums. Instead Ryan put his effort where it counted – the gym and the kitchen. He also incorporated the routine into his lifestyle by allowing one cheat day per week and a little drinking on the weekends. I think this is really cool of Ryan. There is no need to give up alcohol or your favourite foods to get the body you want. You just need a little constraint and a little common sense.

Ryan also tracked progress every 2 weeks with pictures, weight and measurements. This is absolutely crucial to accomplishing your goals. This keeps you accountable and ensures everything is on track. In addition Ryan also recorded his workouts at the gym. Kudo’s to you Ryan. If everyone at the gym brought a notebook there would be a lot more strong and fit people. Oh and it seemed that Ryan stuck to eating the same few meals everyday. This keeps things simple and simple = results. This is something I find myself doing. I will have only about 4-6 different meals that I will eat throughout the week. Every few weeks I substitute a different meal in. There is no need to have variety. Once you find out which meals work best for you then stick to that.

Now it’s Your Turn! 

It’s 2012 BABY! Now let me ask you something, Are you satisfied with your health and fitness? Do you look in the mirror and say, “wow, I’m really, really ridiculously lean and muscular?” If not then it’s about damn time you do something about it.

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Let’s get lean and muscular together! 2012 is the year to Transform Your Physique!