How to Boost Confidence with Alpha Body Language

Body Language Examples

Assuming powerful stances and poses greatly influences the way that people perceive you. In fact, the way you feel inside directly manifests outwards by the way your carry yourself, aka your body language.

If you’re feeling shy, insecure and timid, naturally you will take up less space and everyone around you will pick up on this subconsciously. What’s more, you are confirming to your brain that you are of low status and naturally you will reinforce these beta traits.

I remember being a very shy kid growing up and most of my day was spent looking down at the ground with arms folded and feet together. When I was sitting down I would take up as little space as possible. My shyness and lack of assertiveness was very evident just by taking one look at me.

However, this wasn’t always the case. In gym class, drama class and in competitive sports I felt alive, extroverted and confident and my body language greatly reflected that. I was so pulled into the moment during these activities that I suddenly resumed alpha type behaviour.

Later in life, it became shockingly apparent that my emotional state determines my body language and my body language reinforces that emotional state. This led me to an extremely powerful realization that I will share with you below.

If you can become conscious of your body language and force yourself to assume high value body language behaviour, even when you’re feeling introverted and overwhelmed, then you can actually increase your confidence and reduce your levels of anxiety and stress.

By holding powerful poses you are communicating to your brain that you are high value. At first it might feel weird and awkward but soon your brain will accept it and within minutes your confidence will rise to become calibrated to your new behaviour.

How to Boost Confidence and Master Alpha Body Language 

The first step that is crucial to developing natural, congruent and alpha type body language is to become highly self aware of your body language. When you feel anxious, stressed out or introverted, you must witness your tendencies to close up and make yourself smaller by taking up less space.

When you can catch yourself doing this you can readjust your posture and stance by taking up more space, keeping your chin up high and opening up. You may have to do this several times per day. Next you should witness how your state slowly and subtly changes just by holding yourself in a more confident and extroverted manner.

With time and practice you will be able to make this absolutely second nature to the point where people will see you as this laid back, highly confident and attractive person and more importantly, you will feel that from within.

I recommend watching this brilliant ted talk with Amy Cuddy on How Body Language Shapes Who You Are. Assuming a power pose by taking up space and keeping your chin high for only 2 minutes can raise testosterone by 20% and decrease cortisol by 25%.

There was even a study showing that MBA students that did a power pose before going into a job interview out performed the MBA students who did a submissive pose before going into a job interview.

Now just imagine how you can use this knowledge to your benefit. Whenever you have to make a good impression you can take on a power pose and soak up the confidence and enhance your testosterone to cortisol ratio.


How to Use This Stuff In Real Life

When I first discovered the intensely powerful effects that body language can provide you with I instantly was hooked! I thought this was one of the coolest things ever. It’s such a simple tweak yet it has such dramatic effects that I couldn’t help but become deeply intrigued.

I have been using these body language tactics for some time now. When I need a little confidence boost I will clasp my hands behind my head, spread my feet apart and look up towards the ceiling while nonchalantly stretching out my back. This is a very relaxed movement, something you would only ever do at home.

And so when I do this in a social environment it reminds my brain that I am confident and relaxed in all situations and environments, including this very one. When I’m at the gym, between sets I’ll walk around with my chin up high and hands on my hips.

These little adjustments add up and make a profound difference to the type of person you become. Do you want to be a true man of action who lives his life with absolute confidence and self belief? Or do you want to fold to your environment and fall by the wayside? The choice is yours.