How Fitness Will Transform Your Life Massively

How Fitness Will Transform Your Life Massively

When I started Kinobody, my motto was simple: build the physique of your dreams, and transform your life.

Here’s the thing – so few people have achieved a physique they are truly proud of.

When you can achieve the body you want, or even make great progress towards your goal, you are imbued with a ton of confidence. Confidence you can take and apply to other areas of your life, whether it’s business, school, dating, or learning new skills.

Achieving your fitness goals and doing so in a way that is highly rewarding will absolutely transform your life. You’ll have deep core confidence! You can’t buy a great body – you have to work for it!

Now here’s a beautiful point… To really achieve the physique you want and enjoy it, you have to experience a shift in outlook. A shift in consciousness, if you will.

I was never able to achieve my body fat goals, never able to achieve 7-8% body fat, as long as I was projecting fulfillment in the future.

I was telling myself, “I need to look a certain way to be happy, fulfilled, enough.”

But once I accepted myself now… Once I accepted this moment and gave myself permission to enjoy today and enjoy the adventure to my goals, then I was able to make consistent progress with ease.

This is a massively important point: accept yourself now!