How To Drop Fat & Build Muscle While Traveling Or On Vacation

In this post, we’re going to talk about how to maintain muscle and stay fit while traveling and on vacation.

Why is this important?

Understanding how to achieve a great physique while eating out daily basically guarantees your success because knowing how to handle the worst of situations will make the rest seem like a breeze.

Now, there are a few key areas I want to cover that will help you achieve your physique goals in the easiest way possible while traveling – let’s get started…

Focus Area #1 – You Need To Handle Your Nutrition

The main problem people face while traveling is eating too many calories. The combination of eating out every meal and those meals tending to be higher in calories makes it difficult for one to stay in a calorie deficit for fat loss.

The easiest tip I have to help you stay in a calorie deficit while traveling or on vacation is to utilize intermittent fasting.

Ideally, you’ll want to:

  • Skip breakfast and hydrate upon waking

  • Drink black coffee a few hours after waking to blunt appetite

  • Eat fruit strategically to push your first meal back

  • Eat two big, satisfying meals a day consisting of familiar foods that keep you full and satisfied

  • Meals should consist of filling proteins with an adequate amount of carbs and fats

Some of my favourite places to eat at while on vacation include Chipotle, Brazilian Steak House, and Blaze Pizza!

(Recently, I travelled to Santa Monica, where I was able to enjoy 2 of these bad boys as one of my meals for the day! Oh ya, I also came back home from that trip 2 pounds lighter… This stuff works.)

Focus Area #2 – You Need To Keep Training

While traveling or vacationing, it’s okay to take a step back on your training. This will allow your body to recover from your previous intense training, and the surplus of rest and relaxation puts you in the ideal mental state for recovery.

However, I’m not saying to cut off your training completely.

Going a week or two without training can set your progress back. Therefore, I recommend training once every 3 days – therefore, 2 workouts per week so that you can maintain your well-earned strength and muscle.

Hopefully, your hotel has a gym which you can train in. If not, go to a local gym nearby and buy a day pass. It should only cost you $10-15 at the most, and that little investment of 20-30$ per week is well worth it.

If going to a gym isn’t a viable option, do bodyweight workouts! These can come in handy around the holidays if the gyms around you are closed or you are short on time.

Here are my recommendations for what you should have in your workouts:

  • At least one push workout per week.
  • At least one pull workout per week.
  • In each of those workouts, make sure you’re hitting the key Kinobody Indicator exercises to promote a well-balanced, muscular physique.
  • Do Workout A and Workout B from the Greek God Program, which can be found here.

In these two workouts, you’ll hit your entire body, and quickly gain muscle and strength. This is the best option for a 2-day split, so the Greek God Program is highly recommended if you travel frequently.

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Here are my recommendations for what you should have in your bodyweight workouts:

Keep it simple…

  • Upper-body push exercise for 4 sets.

  • Upper-body pull exercise for 4 sets.

  • Lower-body exercise for 4 sets.

  • Ab exercise for 4 sets.

For a complete, done-for-you bodyweight program, be sure to check out my Bodyweight Mastery Program here.

(Another pic from my recent trip to Santa Monica, where my buddy Ryan Farber and I hit an outdoor workout at the Kinobody meetup.)

Two workouts per week will go a long way! These training sessions can be done in only 20-30 minutes each, which will help maintaining a great physique seem like a breeze.

Focus Area #3 – You Need To Keep Alcohol Consumption Moderate

My key advice about alcohol consumption is to drink in moderation.

I suggest only drinking between 2-5 drinks for a night out. This is the perfect amount because it allows you to easily stay in a caloric deficit while still getting the positive effects from alcohol (relaxation, increased sociability, etc).

In terms of what drinks you should consume, stick to the lower calorie drinks. I suggest going with liquor or liquor with club soda.

My personal go-to drink is Jack and club soda!

The Best Advice For Your Physique While Traveling

I recommend the following in order to drop fat and build muscle while traveling:

  • Skip breakfast and eat two big meals a day (lunch and dinner consisting of familiar, satisfying foods).

  • Do 2 workouts a week that hit your entire body (over the course of those two workouts).

  • Consume alcohol in moderation.

  • Rest, relax and enjoy your time off!

If you want to follow the program I followed to get extremely shredded, check out Aggressive Fat Loss. It’s downright effective, and the best part is – everyday you get to enjoy one massive meal and some delicious desserts, all while dropping 1.5-2 lbs of fat per week.

If you’re looking to focus on building strength and muscle to develop the greek god physique, I recommend checking out the Greek God Program!

And of course, if getting to the gym is just not in the cards, make sure you’re always prepared with some bodyweight workouts from the Bodyweight Mastery Program.

If you need my personal help on choosing the best program for your fitness goals – make sure you use the Kinobody Physique Builder Tool here