Embrace Your Primary Goal for Unshakable Motivation & Enthusiasm


This Is Where Traditional Goal Setting Goes Wrong

In the realm of fitness, we often set goals that involve looking a certain way or achieving a certain level of physical prowess. Perhaps you want to be 7% body fat, have 16″ biceps or have the strength to bench press 300 lbs. Invariably, what happens, is that we associate achieving these goals with being happy and fulfilled.

We tell ourselves, that finally, when we have those chiseled abs, then life will be really good and it will all be worth it. And so by implication, we perpetuate the notion that we are not enough right now. Instead, we need the enhanced self image from looking a certain way to make us feel more complete and confident.

This isn’t real, it’s an illusion that you created to defer your own happiness and self worth into a future moment. And therein lies the problem – when you project salvation into the future, then the present moment and the adventure to your goals just becomes a chronic obsession to arrive and attain.

When you want to be at your goal more than you want to do what you’re doing, then you become deeply stressed. Working towards your goal becomes a struggle and it takes hard work to succeed. The true beauty and love for life is lost.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, you can develop a true joy and enthusiasm for the journey. So instead of the workouts, the dieting and the overall process being a means to an end, it is seen as joyful and empowering in it’s own right

Are You Confusing Your Primary And Secondary Goals?

embrace your primary goal

Arnold glorified bodybuilding and boosted it to insurmountable heights by embracing and loving the bodybuilding lifestyle. His enthusiasm was contagious and everyone wanted to be a part of it and the fitness culture exploded.

Most goals that people create can be termed as secondary goals. Building an incredible physique, reaching elite level lifts and dropping 20 lbs of fat are all secondary goals. Your primary goal is to experience life, deeply entrenched in the present moment – where true joy and happiness can arise.

In fitness, your primary goal is to become deeply engaged in your workout and nutrition practices. And to see how these activities – intense training and healthy eating, greatly enrich and deepen your quality of life. Feel the energy that flows through you from nourishing and exercising your body properly. Feel how everything else in your life becomes charged and you have a newfound focus and enthusiasm.

When you become too attached to your secondary goal – looking a certain way or attaining certain lifts – your primary goal is lost and any and all enjoyment and enthusiasm for the journey is gone. Each moment and step that you take becomes only a means to an end without any real value.

You Need To Embrace Your Primary Goal

By embracing your primary goal and becoming present to the moment, you reinforce the idea that you have everything you could possibly want right now. This moment and the steps that you are taking each day are joyful and fulfilling in their own right.  You don’t need to look a certain way to give yourself permission to be happy and feel good about yourself

You’re not lifting that barbell because you so desperately want to build bigger, stronger and better looking muscles. You’re lifting it because you absolutely love it. Gripping the barbell, lifting it out of the rack, and pumping it out with maximum effort becomes highly satisfying. You also love how physically expressing yourself in the gym, carries over to all other aspects of your life. 

The fact that you have a vision and know where you’re going is just icing on the cake. But without the raw enjoyment out of the process, the true enthusiasm will be lost and it will just be your ego’s desire for a more inflated self image driving you. This ultimately, is very limiting and it won’t keep you going in the long run.

This Is What This All Implies

Embracing your primary goal, and fully honoring the steps that you must take to get there, is the key to unshakable motivation and enthusiasm. All of the sudden, everything you could ever want is already a reality within you.

Being at your goal isn’t the be all end all. It’s the person you must become to get there. When you begin to embrace the process – the workouts, nutrition and healthy lifestyle – you align yourself with the type of person that you must become to reach your secondary goals.

The overall joy for the process is enough for you and the fact that you’re becoming leaner, stronger and better looking is just a sweet bonus! This is the type of outlook that will lead to amazing results and absolutely incredible fulfillment each and every day.

Now the beautiful thing is that whether you’ve been into fitness for 2 days or 2 decades, you can start living life as if you are already at your goal – with deep fulfillment and happiness! Now the external stuff, how you look and your level of strength will start to manifest with much less struggle on your part. 

What Makes Kinobody So Effective?

What sets kinobody apart is how enjoyable the process becomes. A little black coffee in the morning, some fasting, big satisfying meals and intense minimalist workouts are downright enjoyable and can fit within the context of a balanced life.

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*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.