Introduction to Social Dynamics, Living in the Moment and Taking Right Action

Talking to girls

Sex, style, success, social dynamics, living in the moment and taking action are all skills that I am deeply interested in and ones I am actively levelling up! And yes, I have no shame. I am here to create the life I want and will do so unapologetically.

I am fully transparent about the life I live, the actions I take and the goals I have for myself and I suggest you do the same. Who cares what people think! Here’s the first law of attraction, “whatever you feel, they feel.” If you feel embarrassed, those around you will feel the embarrassment towards you. If you feel completely at ease, people will invariably accept you.

Now if someone is trying to make fun of you or put you down, don’t try to defend, make wrong or attack. Don’t even entertain their comment! Imagine you’re wearing an indestructible greek god plate of armour and someone runs up to you with a wooden stick.

Are you going to expend effort trying to block the stick with your shield? You’ll look silly and try hard and it will communicate that you’re vulnerable to their attack. Instead smile and let the wooden stick break in half as it attempts to clash your indestructible armour.

Ps. Your indestructible armour is your inner being and once you tap into it, you access a realm of unshakable confidence rooted from within. Recently I was invited to a party and one of the guys there tried to put me down in front of a group of girls.

He said, “a physique like that, you must be compensating for something.” His comment was so ridiculous I didn’t even bother entertaining it with a response. I simply looked him in the eye and held eye contact without saying a word, sub communicating massive amounts of disapproval.

I then carried on enjoying the party, never once responding to his comment. You could imagine how weird he felt after that! His state was probably crushed. This is because when someone says a jerk comment they’re looking for some form of reaction or validation.

When you remain emotionally un-reactive and don’t reward or encourage their bad behaviour with a response they can’t help but feel like a 6 year old child who just got sent for a time out.

Taking Action – The Bee’s Behind of Lifestyle Success

Now before I go into a long winded tangent, I want to hone in on the main theme of the lifestyle section of kinobody – taking mutha fugging action! This is the meat and potatoes of the lifestyle section, as well as the cat’s pajama’s and the bee’s behind or whatever metaphor you want to use to illustrate the significance of taking action.

You see, without teaching you the skill of becoming a man of action then everything else is meaningless. There is no shortage of sites dedicated to success, lifestyle design and meeting and attracting beautiful women. However, these very sites can be a vortex into an endless discussion of semantics and an overconsumption of information without any application.

This is what results in the spinning tires phenomenon. You feel like you’re doing something productive and working on your goals, but instead, you’re doing the very opposite. You’re stalling, wasting time and doing so in a very deceptive manner.

I call this mental masturbation, which is an intellectual activity that serves no purpose. Most people don’t need to learn the technical aspects of total lifestyle design so much as the ability to take action and see something through. I of course will be focusing on both, because they are both crucial to your success.

Taking action is not about getting you all motivated and riled up as if you just stepped out of a Tony Robbins seminar. That is a temporary state that fizzles out soon thereafter. Taking action is not about telling yourself to be a man and to step up. That does absolutely nothing and is practically useless.

The same way girls tell you just to be confident and just to be yourself! It’s not bad advice per-say it just has absolutely zero meaning. The question should be how does one step up and be a man of action? In addition to, how does one be confident and truly express themselves?

Then the next question is why are you not a man of action, why is your default state not confidence and complete self expression? The answer my friend, is your mind! Most people can remember a time when they were being very charismatic, almost unusually so.

You can probably remember a time where you were very assertive and exuberantly confident. You can probably even remember a time when you were being exceptionally hilarious. Now on the same token you can probably think back to a time when you were very awkward or just had no idea what to say.

As well, a time when you felt overwhelmed by the environment around you and very self conscious. What’s going on here? Simply, when you’re feeling your best and being your best self, you’re not taken over by your mind, which is very limited in it’s capabilities.

You have let go, you’re living in the moment and you’re just expressing yourself. Your energy is focused on living and doing, not on thinking. And thus, you have tapped into a realm of intelligence far beyond thought. A sea of unshakable confidence far beyond any form of ego identification.

You must be able to go beyond the confines of the mind 

Now in future episodes, I will be going more in-depth with disidentifying from your mind, letting go of your ego and becoming completely present. This is the very state that true success catapults off of. If you’re unable to access the power and simplicity of being present, life will feel like a struggle.

It will be a losing battle to take action and to push yourself out of your comfort zone. This is because your mind doesn’t want you to succeed. Your mind wants homeostasis, which is to remain the same! Who you are right now, that’s what your mind and your ego has clung onto.

Whatever goals, visions and dreams you have for yourself will never be actualized unless you learn to disidentify from your mind by observing your mind. You see fear, anxiety, stress, worry, unease… These are all emotions created by the mind, stopping you from taking action and living the life of your dreams!

But what do all of these emotions have in common? They’re all of something that might happen, not of something that is happening now. You can always deal with the present moment but you cannot cope with something that is illusory. When you’re no longer identified with your mind, fear in all of it’s forms disappears.

Mental games no longer run your life. You enter a state free from compulsive thinking and worrying, a state of true living. You become a man of action whose willing to role the dice and go out and take what he wants in life.