Why Get Shredded – Unlocking the Powerful Motives Behind the Pursuit of Fitness


Benefits of Being Shredded

Very rarely do we stop to ponder the powerful motives behind our actions. Instead, we focus on what we want, when we want it and how to achieve it. We never address the ‘why factor’ and thus, we don’t tap into the burning desire that will push us to success. When you dig deep and embrace the true intentions behind your fitness pursuits, you gain a sense of clarity. You understand why you’re taking the steps that you’re taking and you become deeply anchored to your goals.

This keeps you on path and centered, as opposed to wavering between different goals, workout programs, and nutrition plans. You also begin to gain perspective and start to accept that the only logical reason behind getting in shape is to enhance your life in a multitude of areas. To obsess about your training and dieting is to undercut the very benefits that getting in shape provides.

The Secret Benefit of Being Lean

If getting six-pack abs had no inherent advantages, would you relentlessly pursue it? Of course not! Sure enough, we’re not dieting and training for the sake of it. We are doing it largely for the unanimously accepted pros of being in amazing shape. You see in improving our shape, we look better, when we look better we feel better, and with this newfound positive energy, people begin to respond to us better.

As people are responding to us more favorably and we’re getting more attention, compliments, and respect, we feel even better about ourselves further reinforcing this new identity that we have created. This quickly becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that completely changes the way we look at ourselves, the way we feel and our level of confidence. This upward spiral allows us to develop so much confidence, happiness and positive energy that we begin to destroy life in all areas!

We walk through life with a sense of ease, gracefulness and self-assurance and invariably other areas of our life begin to excel. What’s more, when you’re improving in all areas of life and you’re creating the life of your dreams, you become so deeply grounded in yourself. This is not externally based on how you look, how hot your girlfriend is, or what car you drive. This is the type of pure core confidence that is internally based!

Deep Level Understanding 

It has been manifested from accomplishing your goals and understanding on a deep level that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And in doing so, you realize that true fulfillment and reward comes not from the end destination but from the adventure. Sure you might get a temporary high when you finally reveal a six-pack, but this largely doesn’t compare to the deep changes you went through in achieving the goal.

Therefore the reason why we’re training is to live the life of our dreams! Hence the Kinobody tagline, Transform Your Physique & Live the Life of Your Dreams. When you can develop a physique that is absolutely breathtaking, there is nothing that you can’t do! Through utilizing a workout program that helps you get shredded, you realize that with patience and hard work, you can excel at anything!

Conflating Your Fitness into Your Lifestyle 


To experience the incredible benefits of transforming your physique, you need a lifestyle approach to fitness and nutrition. If you’re working out all the time and constantly obsessing about your nutrition, fitness will become a burden on your life, which in itself defeats the very purpose of getting in shape.

Too often people put way too much mental energy into their diet and training. They become way too tied to the end destination and put everything else on hold until they reach this arbitrary endpoint. What happens here is absolutely destructive!

You let other aspects of your life unnecessarily suffer at the expense of your fitness efforts. What’s more, all this extra mental energy saps up your will power and quickly leads to a lack of motivation. Therefore I recommend putting as much attention into your nutrition and training as required and then move on with your life.

Focus on the big picture

Focus on the big picture and for god’s sake stop trying to be perfect! It will only end up biting you in the ass. I believe in concurrent lifestyle improvement! In other words, focus on improving two or more areas of your life at the same time. You see as you improve your shape and eat healthier, you’ll have more energy and vigor to pursue other goals. Don’t let this go to waste!

Socialize by going out and meeting new people, learn how to defend yourself, learn to dress better, read books and start meditating to become more deeply conscious and present. There’s no reason why you can’t build your lifestyle around improving yourself on a weekly basis in a number of different areas. But first, you must determine what you value and what’s important to you. Think of yourself as your own video game character.

You can upgrade yourself through an effective shredded workout plan and you can invest time into learning and developing new skills. As Bruce Lee said, view each day as an opportunity to improve yourself both physically and mentally.

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