Derek of on Six Pack Abs & Happiness

Derek Flanzraich InterviewDerek Flanzraich Interview

Definitely a must listen to episode for anyone that has ever been fed up pursuing six pack abs. Also one of my favorite episodes from both the sheer value aspect of it and the entertainment factor.

In this episode, Derek Flanzraich, founder and owner of, sits down with me to discuss six pack abs, meditation, coffee and the psychology behind getting lean and fit, effortlessly.

Interestingly enough, I have come across Greatist multiple times in the last year because it gets facebook shared like crazy. And for good reason indeed. All it takes is one quick look on the site to realize it’s something different.

Greatist is a trusty worth site with great content and best of all, it’s all backed by science. So naturally it was a great pleasure to sit down and talk to the man behind it all.

Derek and I, simply had an amazing conversation. Everything we said seemed to resonate deeply with each other. We’ve both experienced periods of time where we were deeply obsessed with getting shredded, and we both escaped that deadly mentality, and we’ll show you how too.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Derek got six pack abs in six weeks (and why it wasn’t worth it)
  • The psychology behind being lean for life
  • Why you must experience peace in the journey not the destination
  • Why coffee is indisputably healthy and how it can save your life
  • The science of meditation and exactly what 5-10 minutes per day can do for you (and how to get started today)
  • How to make fitness and nutrition enrich your life, not consume it

Watch the Video Interview Here:

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