Is Clean Eating A Scam?? (Interview with JC Deen)

“It all boils down to a belief – whatever one believes to be good or clean and bad or a cheat meal. I don’t particular care for such a mindset because it’s very limiting.” – JC

JC Deen on Clean Eating

Great show today!

We team up with JC Deen, fitness blogger, author, and coach. You’ve probably seen him in magazines like Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and Forbes, or on major fitness sites like T-Nation.

Or you’ve read his site

And if you haven’t run into JC online yet, this episode is your introduction.

We cover a lot of ground today, none of it trivial.

Here’s a taste of what we discuss:

  • The Clean Eating Scam
  • Former Fat-Boy Syndrome
  • Thailand, and why JC felt WAY better eating less protein and more carbohydrates while on vacation there with some friends recently
  • How to get over your past identity and move into who you are right now in order to fully realize your goals
  • and much more…

Look for more from JC on RTR in the near future.

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