From Dad Bod to Ripped in 5 Months

Dad Bod to Ripped

In this podcast, I talk with one of my followers who has undergone an incredible transformation! He went from a dad bod to ripped in only 5 months!

The initial transformation was posted by Michael himself on Project Beach Ripped (the exclusive Facebook group for people following my Aggressive Fat Loss or Warrior Shredding Program).

After posting his results, the entire group went crazy and started asking him questions about his “dad bod to fit” transformation…

So naturally, I had to get Michael on a podcast.

In five months, Michael definitely went from dad bod to fit! He went from 201 lbs to 156 lbs, while building some strength and muscle in the process. He actually followed my Greek God Program, while eating at an aggressive deficit, similar to my Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

Here’s what Michael P. had to say about following Kinobody:

“Thanks to the info on Kinobody I was able to go from dad bod to ripped, block out all the noise of the Bro-scientists, and understand that the key to weight loss is simple energy balance (calories in vs calories out) and that’s it’s much more important finding a method that fits your lifestyle than doing what other people tell you works.

Intermittent Fasting for me is that lifestyle. It’s effortless now. Plus I think looking at photos of Greg’s physique everyday helped keep me motivated and gives me something to aim for.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What Michael was doing before following Kinobody (0:50)
  • Michael’s experience with Intermittent Fasting (6:10)
  • The key to making low calorie dieting effortless (9:36)
  • What to do when getting burnt out from a low calorie diet (11:00)
  • What Michael’s day to day diet would look like (12:50)
  • How Michael’s training was using the Greek God Program (16:23)
  • Tips for someone that is starting a cut and wants to go from dad bod to ripped (20:25)
  • How to overcome the obstacles that make fat loss challenging (22:25)
  • How to handle family and friends telling you, you’re losing too much weight (27:36)
  • And a lot more on how you can go from dad bod to shredded just like Michael!

Watch The Video Here

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