Dick Talens Interview on Fitness & Tinder

Dick Talens Interview

Interview with Dick Talens

In this episode, I sit down with Dick Talens, owner and operator of Fitocracy.com and online fitness transformation coach.

I’ve been following Dick for a few years now and was honoured when I learned that Dick is an avid Kinobody reader.

In fact, Dick included me on his 30 under 30 fitness entrepreneurs changing the world.

Dick and I have very similar philosophies on fitness, nutrition and outlook and it was an absolute blast to bounce ideas around with one another.

We flesh out low carb diets, psychology to getting lean for life and even take the last hour to talk about online dating (yes, this might be my longest episode yet).

One of my favorite quotes from Dick on the interview was this: “Sometimes I think the biggest wins are preventing huge losses”.

This is an incredibly entertaining episode – the hour and forty minute podcast flies by in a blink of an eye and I think Dick and I may have become best friends during this recording.

Here’s the full blown list of what you’ll discover: 

  • The problem with the tech industry and why you can’t hack your body
  • Can very low carb diets impair your total daily energy expenditure
  • The ‘wall effect’, can low carb sabotage your strength in the gym
  • Why Soylent (meal replacement diet) is the stupidest diet imaginable (16:40)
  • How to motivate yourself to workout and love it (20:00)
  • How a fitness program can either transform your life or destroy it (23:00) 
  • The most effective training style to build muscle and strength as a natural (28:10)
  • How to shatter the victim mentality to smash your fitness and fat loss goals (34:00)
  • How to master your own psychology to break through fat loss sticking points
  • How to develop the habits and skill set to stay lean for life (42:00)
  • Plus everything you need to know about tinder in under one hour (44:45)
  • Did cosmopolitan write an article on Greg O’Gallagher’s Tinder Date (57:30)

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