Rockin’ Out with Betty Rocker


Interview with Betty Rocker

The indomitable Betty Rocker joins us today! And what a conversation! We are ecstatic to welcome her to the show and to hear her input on a handful of very important issues.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to know if intermittent fasting is not okay for you
  • Are women better suited for higher meal frequencies?
  • A day in the life of Betty’s diet
  • Why a lot of people will binge eat and how to gain control over yourself
  • Why counting calories and macros is not for everyone and what to do instead
  • Why you should count macros for two weeks even if you hate it
  • What foods will trigger maximum fullness
  • Why eating delicious foods is so important for a successful cutting plan
  • Why Christopher is super shy around girls and how he’s building his confidence one step at a time
  • Why gluten is hard to digest and what you should eat instead
  • What is the perfect date idea with the partner you want to be with? (Betty used to be a professional dating coach)
  • and much more!

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