David Dellanave on Maximizing Strength Gains With Biofeedback Training

David Dellanave on Maximizing Strength Gains With Biofeedback

david dellanaveIn this episode, I have the great pleasure of picking the brain of David Dellanave, a top strength coach and author of Deadlift: Off the Floor and Get Stronger Faster, on his biofeedback training protocol. In fact, David has achieved word class strength for himself and his clients utilizing this very technique.

With biofeedback training, you are doing calibration tests in your workout to determine if you’re going to get a positive stimulus from a specific movement. I was absolutely fascinated discussing this approach with David.

The idea is that if you do the same exercise and protocol for long enough, you overburden your central nervous system. By changing the exercise variation before burnout, you can keep your body fresh and trigger a faster rate of strength and muscle growth.

This is a brilliant set up to always be advancing on your workout routine.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How David took his deadlift from 250 to over 600 lbs
  • Why you should let your body lead the training session instead of a piece of paper
  • The simple flexibility test to determine if you should change the exercise variation that day
  • Why rotating to a different exercise variation will maximize strength gains in the long term

Funny enough, I’ve actually discovered a similar version of this technique when working up to the one arm chin up. I would build up my weighted chin up strength, then when I was starting to get burnt out, I’d switch to pull ups.

After working on my pull up strength for a while, I’d go back to chin ups and be stronger than ever. If I was getting burned out with weighted chin ups, I’d switch to assisted one arm pull ups. By having two good variations to rotate through in the event of a plateau, you can make killer strength and muscle gains.

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