How to Get Shit Done & Become Successful with Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews on Success

In this video/podcast of epic proportions, I sit down with my buddy, Mike Matthews of to talk about how to get shit done and become successful.

Mike has built a massive fitness website, authored multiple books and grew a seven figure supplement company called Legion (with integrity) in the span of 2-3 years.

Case in point, the guy knows what it takes to percolate to the top, fast! This is a full blown, hour long plus podcast that will teach you what it takes to create the life of your dreams.

Some things you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The amount of work it actually takes to become successful (it’s a lot more than you think)
  • How to turn yourself into someone who loves to work their ass off
  • Why handwork isn’t enough, how to uncover your true talent and apply yourself
  • The importance of finding your passion and how to take that a step deeper to destroy it in life
  • The importance of having integrity and developing strong relationships with your customers
  • Why your mind is stopping you from becoming successful and how to fix it 
  • Why you must become a value giving machine to become successful (inflow determines outflow)
  • Why you should try to live with the truth with yourself and others to improve in life
  • Why you probably don’t need to make as much money as you think to live the life of your dreams
  • How to conquer life like Arnold Schwarzenegger (BB champion, real estate millionaire, movie star, politician)
  • Why having lots of money isn’t as cool as you think. When you can see both sides, you’ll be able to attract success

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