Road To Ripped Interviews Jordan Harbinger Of The Art Of Charm

Jordan Harbinger Interview

The Art Of Charm is one of the most popular social dynamics shows on the planet. They’ve featured guests from CIA agents, professors, and dating coaches, to Daymond John, billionaire founder of the clothing empire FUBU, all in the quest to bring you the best information on the planet when it comes to building incredible relationships.

And today, the host of the show, Jordan Harbinger, joins us on the Road To Ripped podcast.

And in case you missed it, we were on his show in December. 

Here at the Road To Ripped, we emphasize a holistic approach to your health and fitness, especially when it comes to developing a sustainable balanced approach to the pursuit of your goals. On the show today, Jordan brings the heat when it comes to establishing context for the interpersonal parts of your life.

You can’t get into incredible shape in a bubble.

From parents, children, and other relatives, to friends, coworkers, and even randos, you encounter dozens of people every day that can either drive you to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself, or sabotage them. Fitness is a great way to build your core confidence, but it’s not an isolated part of your life.

So learn how to look great and become the person who is going to attract the relationships you need and listen now.

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