Lean Recipes, Intermittent Fasting, Fat Loss & Introverts

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Lean Recipes and Intermittent Fasting recipes for Fat loss

In this podcast, I jump on the line with one of my followers, and blogger over at fitrovert.com, Alykhan.

We talk about aggressive fat loss, intermittent fasting, healthy lean recipes, delicious meals, and being an introvert.

Alykhan is a member of Project Beach Ripped, the exclusive facebook group for people following my Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to make intermittent fasting recipes and eating two meals per day effortless (5:25)
  • The difference between real hunger and psychological hunger (6:20) 
  • Why most people are overweight and how to diet below your natural body fat set point (6:50)
  • Our favorite lean recipes for getting lean and staying satisfied (10:00)
  • Why low fat cheese is amazing and the best thing ever (12:20)
  • How to make Greg’s famous and simple lean recipe cheesy chicken (14:00)
  • Why you should be eating potatoes to get lean (16:30)
  • Should you break your fast with a big meal or a small meal (18:00)
  • Greg’s Aggressive Fat Loss diet hack to be more satisfied from a meal (20:00)
  • How Greg’s famous cheese quesadilla’s were invented, plus buffalo chicken quesadilla’s (22:00)
  • Why I love pure milk chocolate bars (25:20)
  • Our favorite macros for cutting and feeling great (29:00)
  • All about introverts and the best way to workout and train as an introvert (32:30)
  • And a lot more ! 

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Check out some amazing lean recipes below:

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