Lifestyle Advice for a Model Type Physique

Enjoy Life and Fitness

In this video/podcast, I talk with my buddy Mike Vacanti of on how to have an incredible physique while enjoying life.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of eating foods you enjoy
  • Focusing on hitting calories and macros
  • Understanding the reason why you want to be in great shape
  • The real reason why life is better when you’re in great shape 
  • Mike Vacanti’s approach to building a great shape
  • The importance of compound movements
  • The importance of specialization programs for advanced lifters
  • The benefits of walking 
  • Why you should incorporate both low rep and high rep training into your program
  • Why resistance machines are beneficial 
  • Mike Vacanti’s favorite first date
  • Why eating two meals per day is amazing 
  • Mike Vacanti’s thoughts on alcohol

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