Lyle McDonald on Training for Fat Loss & Muscle Growth


Lyle McDonald Interview

One of the best podcasts ever recorded on training for the purposes of fat loss and muscle growth! Sit down and enjoy your ride, even the most educated and experienced fitness expert will be sure to learn constantly in this episode.

Lyle McDonald is notorious as one of the brightest minds in the fitness and nutrition industry. His ability to communicate even the most complicated concepts in simplistic terms is rather remarkable.

Whenever I need clarity on fitness or nutrition topics, Lyle McDonald is the first person I seek out!

Lyle runs the amazing resource that is He’s authored great books including  A Guide to Flexible Dieting and Ultimate Diet 2.0.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How effective is cardio for fat loss (00:50 seconds)
  • How much can interval training boost your metabolism by (7:50)
  • What effect does cardio have on appetite and dietary adherence (13:00)
  • How much muscle can you gain as a natural (15:40)
  • What causes muscle growth and what’s most important; intensity or volume (18:30)
  • The most important factor to muscle growth that no one wants to talk about (23:30)
  • Why strength gains in the moderate rep range builds the most muscle (28:20)
  • Why it’s difficult to gain strength with higher reps (19:13) 
  • Do certain muscle groups respond better to high rep ranges (33:15)
  • Can you build muscle in a calorie deficit (36:30)
  • Can you build muscle at a very low body fat (44:00)
  • The danger of getting really lean (48:30)
  • Free weights vs machines: do machines have their place (49:30)
  • The reason free weights got popular (54:40) 
  • The importance of isolation work (57:40)
  • Can squats and deadlifts trigger whole body growth (1:00) 
  • What we can expect from Lyle McDonald in the near future (1:04)

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